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Caricatures for Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre

Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre had their Staff and Family Christmas Party last night and they invited me to come draw caricatures for the evening! This is a daughter of one of the staff. Such a pretty smile!

I was taken aback (in a good way) when one lady commented to me, "You're so kind. I've noticed that you compliment people a lot." I had just told her that she had such lovely, high cheek bones. And I found it neat that someone had noticed … because I have to be honest and say that I know that I do tend to vocalise the positives in people when they are sitting in front of me getting their caricature done. I mean, people already feel vulnerable having me stare at them, staring at every piece of their face. So if I think that they have pretty eyes or a neat hair cut, I tell them! Most of us are too critical of ourselves to start with, it can't hurt to hear a compliment!

So, I guess that's my point today, go out there and say something nice to someone! They'll feel good and you'll feel good too.

On the topic of going out and saying something nice to someone:

The other day, as I was heading out of our neighbourhood, I stopped to tell a man that I loved the snowman they had in their front yard. I said that it made me smile every time I passed it. He gave me the biggest smile when I told him that. They could have built the snowman so that it faced their front window but instead they faced it out towards the street. Like a little gift to passers by.

wishing you the best in the new year

wishing you the best in 2013
I've had a very busy season and so I'm posting this a tiny bit late.
Hopefully you are still in the Christmas spirit like I am!
For Christmas isn't just one day to me. Spending time with friends and
family and showing kindness to others. I had a relaxing Christmas
spending time between both sides of the family. Hectic but great.

Here is a little Christmas card art I did... wishing you the best in
the new year too!

2 pictures from Staff Christmas Party

Friends with their Caricature
Man with his Caricature
I was invited back a second day to Design Group Staffing Edmonton to draw caricatures of more staff. The organizer said my caricatures were 'a hit' with everyone. I could hear people out in the hallway say,
"Let's see it. Oh, it looks just like you!" I guess it kinda goes without saying that I always like to hear that!

As you can see from these photos, sometimes something as simple as a great hair style makes it a lot of fun for me!

Oh, and one of the guys came back in later and gave me a box of Belgium Chocolates to show appreciation for his caricature! My son thought that was a great thing for me to come home with.

Caricatures by Canadian Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

My Day Drawing at Holt Renfrew, Edmonton

Yesterday I spent the afternoon drawing caricatures in downtown Edmonton at Holt Renfrew! I wasn't even done setting up when 3 brothers wanted their picture drawn. That was the start of a busy day. I was unsure how the day would go. You know, people busy getting their last minute Christmas shopping done. I enjoyed drawing and chatting with a variety of people. The 3 grown brothers were going to give the drawing to their mom. There was another couple young guys who were going to give theirs to their mom as well. Funny that the younger bother didn't want to get it done so he went second. After he saw his brother's drawing he must have decided that it'd be okay because he was a really pleasant young guy to talk to (while I drew him). Another young girl is an international student at the University of Alberta. She asked me to pose for a photo with her and her caricature so she could send it to her mom in China. I thought that was pretty cool. Then there was the couple that sat down and right away told me that they were going to use their caricature for their wedding invitation. Talk about putting a bit of pressure on a girl to perform! They were pleased with it so that was good. I also drew some caricatures for some of the staff who happened to have photos of their kids or from photos of their phones. I finished off my time at Holt Renfrew drawing the management team. That was a bit of a challenge because the only photo I had to work from had their heads about the size of my baby finger nail. I guess I was pleased enough with the result but I sure wish I would have got close up photos of them. Pretty darned hard to draw details that you can't see.

Oh, the wildest thing . . . . a man came up and told me that he is a realtor and has been using the same caricature to promote himself. He said that he'd got it done in The International Marketplace in West Edmonton Mall many years ago by a girl. He was wondering if I'd know her. So he took out his business card for me to  look at it. I said, "That girl would have been me! You really should get an updated version. I think I've improved since then." He is now working with his son so yes indeed, I'll be doing an updated version for him!

I was really pleased at how things turned out at Holt Renfrew. The staff were really friendly and happy to have me there. And I got a lot of people picking up one of my business cards. I probably should have been shopping for last minute Christmas gifts but it definitely wasn't a waste of my day!

My friend Ferly

Ferly my Friend in Art from Indonesia
This is a caricature of my friend Ferly who lives in Indonesia. We are friends in art and I am so impressed at how his own caricature style has grown immensely over the last while. I was a bit nervous sitting down to draw him because the caricatures he does of himself are fabulous!

The faces he makes are so animated that you can feel his personality come out in his FERLY drawings. One day I hope to meet him and we'll sit and talk art non stop!

Caricatures by Canadian Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Caricatures from two different events I drew at this week

Young woman with her Caricature
A guy with his Caricature
A young lady with her Caricature
A Boy with his Caricature at a Birthday Party
Photos from two different events I drew at this week. The blonde, curly haired boy is from an 8 year old boy's birthday party. I thought when I walked into the party that this group of boys wouldn't care one way or the other the fact that I was there to draw them but I was really pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm for it. Each one sat and chatted with me while it was there turn and several came back into
the room to look at the progress of each other's caricature. One little boy (now remember, they were 8 years old ...) sat down and said to me, "You're small." I was taken aback a bit and definitely amused!
I replied that yes, I agreed that I was short. And he said, "But you're smaller than my sister who's in grade nine. You're really small!" Oh the funny things kids say! When I repeated the story today
to someone they said that it was way bettter than hearing that he thought I was old looking or something! AMEN TO THAT! The other photos are from Design Group Staffing's Employee Christmas Lunch. They even invited me to enjoy their catered turkey dinner which was absolutely delicious. I had a blast drawing people. Here are a few of them. The one dark haired lady isn't smiling in the photo which is a real shame because her smile is beautiful as you can see from the
drawing. I giggle when I look at the girl's caricature with the curly hair. Her whole face lit up when she smiled and talked and I wanted to get that animated feel to the drawing too. I think I got it! Loved
drawing her curls too! So the caricatures were such a success that they invited me back today to finish up ALL the staff! The atmosphere there was so warm and welcoming that going in today felt really
comfortable. I almost felt like an employee myself!

Caricatures by Canadian Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Caricatures at a Birthday Party

Oh what fun I had drawing this young guy! Loved his hair! The trick with drawing curly hair is to NOT draw every curl but just every odd one and keep the edge the definition. Too bad he wasn't smiling with his mouth open so you could really see the similarity in his smile.

If you notice that there is no drawn out frame in this one like I usually do. The party hostess was scanning in all the drawings so she could make a grouping of all the boys at the party. After she'd scanned them all I added in my usual frame and signature.

What advantage is there to having me at your party drawing caricatures? No need to hunt around for stuff for gift bags … the kids leave with a caricature. Parents love it when they bring them home.

Caricatures at a houseParty

I drew caricatures at a few different house parties, a party for neighbours, a party for family and a party for friends. Here is a fun one! He thought it would be a blast to do it with his awesome hat on. I always like drawing something different and the hat turned out neat I think. That's the one interesting thing about living in Canada in winter time …. hats are a fashion statement. Sometimes the wilder the better!

Caricatures for Thurber Engineering Ltd.

Company Christmas parties are upon us! Tonight I drew at Thurber Engineering's Christmas party. It was really bizarre tonight … all of a sudden I was faced with temporary moustaches! Yes, it's Movember and men all across Edmonton are sporting moustaches that their wives or girlfriends don't like! It's really hard for a caricaturist to NOT draw what they see!

Here are some of my favourites from the night. I really do wish I had the time to take photos of each one so that afterwards I could sit down with a cup of tea and say, "Oh ya, that was a fun one to draw!" At least I try and take the time to take a couple pictures. I'll be able to look at these ones when I'm older and greyer!

caricatures at Corporate Christmas party
couple caricatures at Corporate Christmas party
caricatures at Corporate Christmas party

Drawing at Twin Girls Birthday Party!

It's definitely interesting drawing twins! I really do see differences and I drew them differently but still soooooooo similar! We did a bit of an experiment: Their mom had a list made with all the girl's names on it for me to draw.

She placed a few of their friends in between the twins on the list so that I wouldn't be drawing them one right after the other. I tried to clear my mind of the first one I drew and really focus on what I saw in front of me and NOT what my mind remembered me drawing. There were some little differences but looking at this I'm amazed at how similar they still are!

Twin Girls with their caricatures

Caricatures at Intuit's 2012 Kid's Christmas Party

I enjoyed seeing families having such a wonderful time at the INTUIT Kid's Christmas Party again this year. I believe it was my fourth year drawing at it. The sweet mom in the photo with her two kids and husband said, "Oh that makes me happy looking at it." made my night!  And then there was Nicole who worked all night keeping the lineups for caricatures organised and running smoothly. I had to draw her before I left. So unfair for her not to have the opportunity to get one done. She really liked that I got her pregnant tummy in the drawing! How could I NOT make sure I got that in?!

family caricature

woman with her caricature

Edmonton Motors has Santas!

My last location for the 2012 Christmas season for window painting ... Edmonton Motors in downtown Edmonton! The first little Santa with the bobble on his hat going straight out the side, can be found in the Service Department. The big waving Santa is looking out out onto Jasper Avenue waving at everyone going by.  I love both versions of Santa. I really never get tired of drawing the great guy! I wonder how I'll draw 'n paint him differently next year?!

caricatures for SWCA Christmas Social

SWCA (Society of Western Canadian Artists)

I enjoyed my evening drawing caricatures for some of the members of SWCA (Society of Western Canadian Artists) during their Christmas Social. I was quite nervous drawing other artists but they were very warm and welcoming. Here are a few ladies posing with me holding their caricatures! Several years ago I was a member of SWCA but decided I needed more time to do my artwork instead of talking about doing artwork. But really, the meetings are once a month ... I think I'm going to take the time to go back because each month's meetings were really informative and it's great talking with other artists.

Caricatures by Canadian Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Laurel drawing a caricature

More window painting at Edmonton's Western GMC!

Western GMC is starting to look like my own personal art museum! So nice that those in command are so eager to have me paint on their windows. So thankful for that and that it's a great atmosphere to be in! 

This graphic is part of GMC's Boxing Days promotion, not my own. I really like how they did the snowflakes up at the top.

Window painting at Edmonton's Western GMC

Christmas Window Painting at Corus Radio

I had a busy day at Corus Radio Edmonton (630 CHED, CKNG/JOE FM, CISN Country, iNEWS 880)  today! First I painted in their entry way, promoting Santas Anonymous. It was nice to see so many people dropping off toys for Santas Anonymous!

Then I headed inside to do the glass up the staircase. One of the ladies that works there said that it doesn't feel like Christmas there until I paint their windows. How nice is that! Always a artistic challenge for me to come up with new, interesting images for their windows. I believe this is my 4th or 5th year painting their windows for Christmas. My how time flies!

When I was working on the wall of 9 windows in their lunchroom, Brian Hall (630 CHED Sports Announcer), came up and said it was nice to see me again then shook my hand. I'd drawn his caricature at an event for Christenson Developments awhile back. He said that he has it hanging in his office!

I really like how the wall of windows turned out. Some fun images! My favourites is the snowman falling in pieces and the Santa ( I like his hat! ).

Christmas window painting is winding down now with one more to do. I don't know if I'll be celebrating or be sad …. I've been out a lot over the last few weeks painting Christmas images. I've definitely tried to come up with interesting graphics for people. After all, I don't like painting the exact same things. Once I get the last of my window painting done I'll be hunkering down to do a whole bunch of caricatures for people who would like to give them as Christmas gifts.

Christmas window painting

Edmonton window painting

Edmonton Window Painting by Canadian Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Bloody Cooper and E-Ville Roller Derby team

Bloody Cooper and E-Ville Roller Derby team members at the Edmonton Santa Claus Parade Dec 1

Photograph by: John Lucas, Edmonton Journal


Winter Scenes Window Painting

Drayden Insurance in St. Albert decided to do wintery scenes instead of Christmas themed windows so that they could keep them up to enjoy into the new year. I'm really happy with these, especially the big scene. I have a hard time deciding if I like the woman on the far right or the little girl with orange hair and glasses. But they all look like they are having fun anyway! Sketches were were made and then a full day of window painting to do all their windows.

Window painting
Winter Scenes Window Painting

Edmonton Artists
Winter Scenes Window Painting

Window Painting
Winter Scenes Window Painting

Christmas Window Painting for Farlie Travel ltd St Albert

This year's main window at Farlie Travel in St Albert Alberta focuses on Australia! The kangaroo image was used from some existing advertising that they are using. The koala had to be changed a bit to make him look a little more "koala" like. The Santa is all mine! The staff at Farlie Travel are really friendly and made me feel welcome … that's always a nice treat when you're deep in Christmas window painting and going from one place to another every day for a few weeks.

window painting by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell 

I got to draw Jason Strudwick

Tonight at a neighbourhood Christmas party I was thrilled to draw Jason Strudwick from the Edmonton Oilers. Being a Canadian girl that watched hockey growing up and now the mom of two kids who love hockey and the Edmonton Oilers … it was a real treat for me. Looking forward to showing my kids this photo!

By the way, he seemed like a really nice man. I asked him if he'd mind if I took a picture of him with his caricature and he suggested that the photo be with me in it too.

I was thrilled to draw Jason Strudwick from the Edmonton Oilers

Caricatures by Edmonton artist Laurel Hawkswell web http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Caricatures for the Autism Society of Edmonton and Area

Edmonton's Autism Society had me out to their "Deck The Halls" celebration this evening. I had a great time drawing this guy! My favourite part of it is his smile!

Man with his caricature - love that smile!

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist me Laurel Hawkswell

web http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Christmas Window Painting at Oakwood Towers Edmonton

Laura at Oakwood Towers sure puts in a lot of work decorating the lobby at The Oakwood Towers!

The people living there are lucky to have such a hard working woman there. Here are a few window paintings I did for her to add to all that she's put up. I believe this is my fourth year painting at their place. I keep thinking I'm not going to be able to hink of anything to put on the narrow windows next year! Somehow I probably will!

web http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Christmas Window Painting at NewWest Travel

Today, while window painting, I got to listen to people booking trips to warmer places. Sigh. Oh how I'd love to put on a pair of shorts and head somewhere warm! Well, maybe AFTER Christmas. After all, there's nothing like snow at Christmas time!

Each year I scratch my head trying to come up with new images that are both Christmasy AND hit on taking a vacation. Here are this year's NewWest Travel windows. My favourite I think is the Santa. Or maybe it's the cool lookin' reindeer holding the map. Either way, I pat myself on the back for coming up with new stuff for them again this year … and also wonder what the heck I'm gonna do on their windows next year.

Edmonton Window painting - santa

Edmonton Window painting - Elf ready to travel

Edmonton Window painting - photo snowman 

Edmonton Window painting - Reindeer

NewWest Travel Suite 101-10150 117 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2J2 ->  +1(780) 432-7446

Window Painting by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell
web http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Christmas window painting at Hap's Restaurant

Hap's Restaurant on Edmonton's 161 Ave and Stoney Plain road (in West Edmonton) is one of my favourite places to window paint at. The owners, Hap and Mary, pretty much give me free reign on what I paint. Not to mention that Mary usually stays and decorates the restaurant while I paint and we chat about life and our families! She supplies me with bottomless tea, a nice meal and lots of laughs.

Hap's restaurant is a family owned business open during breakfast and lunchtime hours. Go in for some good food and cozy decor!

Hap's Hungry House 16060 Stony Plain Road Edmonton AB T5P 3Z9

Gingerbread cookie - window painting

snowman - window painting

Christmas tree - window painting

Reindeer - window painting

Elf - window painting

Santa - window painting

Gingerbread house - window painting

Christmas Window Painting by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

Grinch Face Painted

I don't post many photos of face painting that I do. Usually because they are mostly kids that I face paint on and I don't think of asking them. But this past weekend I painted a Grinch on a young woman's neck. I generally only like face painting my own art images but The Grinch is such a classic guy and loved by so many boys 7 - 12 years old, that I can't help myself. It was kinda funny at this event when a sweet little girl about 4 years old asked for a Grinch!

My window painting - Santa and Penguin

My window painting

Edmonton Artist

Western GMC has been "LAUREL-ITISED!"

Western GMC has been "LAUREL-ITISED! 

 What is "LAUREL-ITISED"? …. Well I think everywhere you turn at Western GMC you'll find some of my window painting! Jamie gave me instructions to "Go big! I want more than last year!" He wanted something all the way along the front of the showroom so I put Christmas bulbs. You'll find a big Santa, elves, Christmas tree, snowman (shown in a recent blog entry) and a couple more Santa designs in the Service Department (as shown here). Not to mention the a few window painting jobs of promotions that are still up and running. BOOM. It's been LAURELITISED!

 Thanks Western GMC for giving me your windows as my canvas. You're awesome!

Window Painting Santa

Christmas bulbs at Western GMC

Santa - we all know him