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Caricatures at The Grey Nuns Hospital

The Grey Nuns Hospital put on a Klondike Breakfast this week and asked me to draw caricatures. What a positive, friendly group of people! I was glad that I was able to draw a number of volunteers that happened to be there. It always feels good to be able to give a volunteer a little extra something as a small sign of appreciation for the time and effort that they give to a good cause. 

Here are a couple of my favourites. I've probably said this before but it's true: I sometimes wish I had my own personal photographer so that they can take a photo of each and every one of my caricatures so I can look back on them - like reliving the fun!

Klondike Breakfast caricature
Grey Nuns Hospital caricature

Host Program Instructor Sandwich Boards

I really enjoy the opportunity to create art for The City of Edmonton. I think that bright colours, fun images and a nice layout get people's attention. These little cartoons fit city pools well! And here's a little tidbit, do you notice that each person's speech bubble is the same colour as their bathing suit, or in the case of the little boy on the right: the same colour as his ball. Just a little detail that goes through my head when working on it! Does it make a difference? Make it better? I can't say for sure but at least I try!

Graphic Art and signs for the City of Edmonton pools

Edmonton Graphic Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Working with Splatter

I've been working on a t-shirt design and got the idea that I wanted splatter as part of it to show water and water bubbles instead of the usual way I draw it. So I had fun "working" at it! After about 7 pieces of paper I thought that what I had in my head wasn't going to work out but I kept experimenting. I think I like this one though. I have to wait for it to dry and then I'll
put some of this in behind the rest of the design. By the time I get it put together, get it approved (hopefully!) and the t-shirts done … that's when I'll show you the end result!

'Splatter' for T-Shirt background design

More caricatures at The Bay, Southgate

A few weeks back I drew at The Bay at Southgate as part of their makeup/fragrance promotion. This is one of the blonde woman with her short hair cut and red lips. I'm pretty proud of this one, I think my sketch turned out so adorable! I think I captured her smile that sparkles!
This second photo is a special caricature for this mother/daughter duo. The mom (from Iran) is visiting her daughter (who now lives in Canada). Glad I could give her something neat to take home
from her visit.

I captured this woman's smile that sparkles
special caricature for mother/daughter duo

Caricatures at John Janzen Nature Centre on Father's Day

Wow is time flying buy, It only seems like yesterday I was drawing these.  Slowly I am getting caught up...  

If you are looking for me to draw at your event let me know.

It was nice to have the opportunity to do caricatures for Dads and their families on Father's Day at John Janzen Nature Centre. I am constantly in awe of the wide variety of people I get to meet when I sit down to draw. And I hope that am able to give people something that makes them smile when they look at it and in a few years, it to give them good memories.

Edmonton Family Cariature
Couple with their Caricature

My Third Invitation from The Bay at Southgate to Draw

I did this a few weeks back but I have been so busy this is my fist chance to post.  I think I captured these women today! I was a bit envious of the women who stopped to get makeovers today just a few feet away from where I was drawing today. I was curious to peer over at their make up free faces then a few minutes later see how the cosmetic technicians brought their form of art to life. Then they came over to see me and I did my form of artwork for them!

A woman holds her caricature 
A woman with her caricature drawing

Caricature drawings by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures for Grade 6 Farewell

A few weeks back I drew caricatures tonight for a great group of kids celebrating their years in elementary school and their next stage into junior high. Snacks, dancing to a great DJ, video and slideshow and ME doing caricatures of all the kids! For some reason I didn't take any photos of any of the kids with their caricature. Darn!

School Caricatures for Graduation class
Caricature drawings by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

O'Leary Fitness & Leisure Centre signs

I dropped off a bunch of signs for O'Leary Fitness & Leisure Centre today. They have bears as their "mascot". I really like the ideas that O'Leary staff came up with  for these signs. When you tell a person that they need to go no deeper than shoulder deep if they can't swim, they also need to understand that their children's shoulder deep is a lot different! And then there's my  favourite, the giraffe showing how deep their deep pool is. They've said that they get a lot of kids AND some adults standing beside the giraffe and looking up … way up! Brilliant stuff Colleen! And I have to admit that I'm pretty darned proud of how I brought her idea to life. I think the giraffe is cute and I like how the message is presented.
Giraffe sign to demo the Deep-end depth at O'Leary pool 
Deep water sign for the City of Edmonton Leisure Centres

A New Painting In The Works!

I'm pretty excited about the start of a new painting! It's not a commissioned painting, I'm doing it … just because I want to! And I want to thank my husband for spotting this gem of a photo to paint. The photo is from a series of photographs I took from tulips picked from my yard. I've been working on it a little whenever I get a chance, which is basically late at night! I'm loving all the green in it I'm not sick of painting green yet but I'll enjoy getting at the petals once I'm satisfied with everything green. Look for another photo hopefullycoming soon.

New Painting Started by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Practicing my Henna designs

What does an artist do while sitting around the backyard campfire? Thought I'd do a little henna tattooing on
myself! I wondered what it'd turn out like if I cut the end of the tube bigger. A big, bold design! Looking forward
to seeing how dark it turns out by morning.

Henna - Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Signs for Fred Broadstock Pool

I always enjoy adding a little pizzaz to a sign. Here is a seal I designed especially for Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool here in Edmonton. I did him outlined, not in black but a dark grey so that the words stood out more than he did. It turned out to have a cool aqua kind of colour tone to it. I did the layout and design on this sandwich board and got them produced for the pool.

Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool sign
sign for Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool

Art for signs at John Janzen Nature Centre

The Indoor Play Area at The City of Edmonton's John Janzen Nature Centre has signs that include my drawings of squirrels, flowers, mushrooms and I look forward to several new signs to go up soon that will include my bee graphics! Can't wait to see them!

sign for John Jansen Nature Centre
did you know sign for John Jansen Nature Centre
Welcome sign for John Jansen Nature Centre
Edmonton Graphic Artist Laurel Hawkswell

face painting photo on the Edmonton Sun's web page

This is the writeup that was on The Edmonton Sun's webpage today...

Laurel Hawkswell (left) face paints a dolphin on Nathaniel Gibbs, 7, during the EPS West Division Summer Safety Fair at Inglewood Community Hall in Edmonton, Alta., on Saturday, July 6, 2013. The fair brought the community together with Edmonton Police Service officers to see their equipment and to participate in a variety of activities. Ian Kucerak/Edmonton Sun/QMI Agency

Laurel Hawkswell face paints a dolphin
Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Girl holding balloons - with her face painted

Face Painting at Inglewood Community for EPS Safety Fair Sat July 6

Hi everyone;  I will be face painting at the Inglewood Community for Edmonton Police Services West Division Safety Fair Saturday July 6, 2013 12:00 - 3:00 PM.  drop by and get something funky to wear for the day!

This is my third year to participate (or forth - were does the time go?)  In the past there have been a lot of community information and things for the kids to do.  There is a big tent so, it is a rain-or-shine event.  one year the Air-one police helicopter was there and other police teams like the K9.

Inglewood Community address: 12515 116 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7

EPS West Division Safety Fair

Woman with bodypaint at Edmonton Community Event
Girl with facepaint
Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Canada Day Face Painting

A fun little kitty. Keeping it simple because of the long line up at CFB Edmonton for Canada Day. Notice the dampness hair on her ... it was a hot and sunny day!

I painted these two lovely ladies near the end of the afternoon. They loved it! 

They said that the lady on the left was moving after many year of being stationed at CFB Edmonton. She was going to miss her good friend! Again ... I love swirls, dots and swooshes! They're so delicate and add so much pizzaz

bodypaint for two women at Canada Event
Facepainting for young girl at Edmonton Garisson
Edmonton Artist Bodypaint and Facepaint Laurel Hawkswell