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Jasper was Awesome - lots of fun, met some interesting people

I had fun drawing while waiting for the Train.

my spot for painting at The Sawridge Hotel in Jasper.

I was keeping myself warm by the fire - everything was so nice.

I spent some time painting and now it is almost complete.

EVERYONE, The VIA train trip home was so much fun. It left me on a real high about the whole trip. In the Activity Car I started drawing people and I didn't stop, even finishing up a caricature after the train stopped in Edmonton. There were two tour groups onboard, one from the United States and another from Britain. The whole Activity Car was full of people playing games and many waiting for their turn to get a caricature. There was such a energetic feeling the whole time - with lots of laughter. The tour guides thought that it was such a great idea to have me on the train and thought it'd be great to have me on again. I think they will enjoy the other artists just as much. When my family came up to help me with my belongings, a few people said, "So you're the young lad she has to go home to. You know we were trying to keep her!"

I think that it was a real added bonus for the passengers and it gave them an amusing memento of their train trip across Canada. I met so many interesting people that have traveled to many places and they LOVED Jasper National Park of Canada. Of course, who wouldn't!

I had never taken the train before and it sure is a first class way to travel.

Thank-you so much to the Artist on Rails, for the opportunity to make this train trip.

I'm off to the Rocky Mountains - Jasper Alberta, tomorrow

You are invited to visit with me while I complete my painting at the Sawridge Jasper Friday May 26, 2006. I will display other paintings Thursday afternoon also.

I will be drawing caricatures on the train and while I am in Jasper.

a work in progress (picture taken at night - not the best lighting)

I am hoping to get some time ,in Jasper, to finish this painting.

here is a little graphic that I made for the trip. All Aboard! - stop by and have your caricature done.

I will check for comments and e-mail messages, when I return....

here is a cool web site to try while I'm away

Upcoming Daybreak Alberta Interview re: Artists on Rails on CBC Radio One

I just got this poster from the Marianne in Jasper AB.
Wow, I'd better get painting!

I also completed a phone interview, with Marianne the Artists on Rails coordinator and Terri Campbell from CBC radio.

Terri Campbell - the host producer of Daybreak Alberta, the provincial weekend morning show on CBC Radio One.
The interview will be aired Sunday, May 21 between 7 - 9 AM.
[Daybreak Alberta Schedule: Weekend Mornings 6:00 to 9:00 AM
on CBC Radio One
1010 AM Calgary and 740 AM Edmonton]

Very cool!

This is getting exciting...! ALL Aboard!

My Latest Painting

I hope you like it. It is 3 feet by 4 feet.

I feel that this photo doesn't quite do it justice,
as far as the colour of the orange goes.

Let me know what you think.
And yes . . . our fireplace wall IS that colour!

It is 3' by 4'. Acrylic Paint on Canvas