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Caricatures in Lethbridge AB

This week I was drawing Caricatures in Lethbridge Alberta.  The were free for anyone who tried IBC's DUMB Car - driving simulator (Distractions Undermining Motorist Behaviour).  I was hired by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and flew down on Thursday.

My latest logo

My latest logo ... Talk about an upbeat image!
Chantele Thompson of ANYWHERE BUT HERE TRAVEL is a home-based travel agent that offers very competitive rates and personalized customer service.
Chantele is happy to help new clients out with quotes.
Phone (780) 469-0230 or email her at chantelestravel@msn.com

Caricature Couple at the Edmonton Indy

here is a drawing of a Couple at the Edmonton Indy

From Laurel's Art Slideshow, Edmonton Alberta Artist

Caricature gigs

I've been doing a lot of Caricature gigs these days (man, I love that word "gig"!) and have met a lot of great people and drawing like crazy.  People often ask me if it's hard drawing myself and I say, "Yes, because it's hard not to be critical of yourself".  I recently finished a few days of caricature events and was feeling especially confident so I looked at a photo of myself and drew in the same "zone" as when I do a caricature of someone else.... minus a couple wrinkles of course because that's what I'd do for someone else.

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