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yeah! more window painting

Christmas Season window painting is in full swing,  I was Painting for Oakwood Towers - an Apartment Building beside New West Travel in Edmonton AB.




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window painting video
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late November Window Painting in Edmonton and St. Albert

 my Biggest Santa I've ever painted
 Edmonton Artist paints another Santa at Western GMC

Crestwood fine wine and spirits

Christmas window painting at Crestwood Fine Wine & Spirits by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

They really know their wines.  Seriously, I spent the day (while painting) listening to them talk wine to customers.  Who knew that much?  Not me.


Edmonton E-Ville Junior Roller Derby's latest logo

The latest addition to the E-Ville Roller Derby family of team logos! . . . 
welcome the new E-Ville Junior Roller Derby logo.


Seasonal window painting

Grey Cup 2010 window painting at The Westin Hotel. I wonder how many fans will be taking a similar photo this weekend?!

visit to Westworld to paint their windows for Christmas

I believe it's my 5th annual visit to Edmonton's Westworld Computer Centre to paint their windows for Christmas. 

I put my thinking cap on each year to try and come up with new designs that help promote their products.

Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell - Window painting