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Tim Hortons Camp Day 2012 Window art

    It’s that time of year again folks ... that’s right, it’s Camp Day - Wednesday, June 6th at your local Tim Hortons.  Camp Day is almost as well known as Roll Up The Rim.  Donate to send underprivileged kids to summer camp and give them a fun experience.  It feels good when you do good.

Tim Hortons Camp Day Window Painting

Tim Hortons Camp Day Window Painting

Window Painting by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Aldergrove Soccer - A little bit of fun!

   A little bit of soccer fun! Are you one of the many adults this time of year having a good time watching your kids playing soccer?

   Sometimes I wonder who's enjoying themselves more, the kids playing or the parents gathered together watching and cheering on the sidelines. I know I've met and made many friends over the years at my kid's sports. I've enjoyed the ride that's for sure.

   Here's a little salute to the coaches who have given their time to the kids. Thanks a bunch!

Edmonton Soccer
Edmonton Artist

The pros of working from home

   There are definitely pros AND cons to working for yourself.  I try not to think about the negatives too much ... afterall, I think it cartoon form most days!  There are days when I get going on artwork and realize I haven't brushed my hair yet and it's 2 p.m.!  There are days when I am running around doing family errands, taking the kids to the dentist, making supper and realize it's 6:30 p.m. and I realize I've done NOTHING that makes me money!  But then there are days when I hand over a painting or drawing or paint a little girl's face at an event, and get artistic praise (not to mention getting paid!) ... and it makes it pretty sweet!

pros AND cons to working for yourself
Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Connections 2012 at Churchill Square in Edmonton

   A woman gets a rose henna tattoo with the name of her son from henna artist Laurel Hawkswell is seen during Connections 2012 at Churchill Square in Edmonton, Alberta, on May 15, 2012.

   The City of Edmonton event brought people together with city departments and staff.
A woman gets a rose henna tattoo from henna artist Laurel Hawkswell


Edmonton Artist

caricatures at a birthday party for 8 year oldMillennium Park in Sherwood Park twins

  I had a great time doing caricatures at a birthday party for 8 year old twin girls. The kids were awesome and had lots of fun seeing their friends come to life in cartoon form.  Caricatures can be kept simple and faster by just doing head and shoulders, or you can add in their bodies and have them doing one of their favourite things.  Another good reason to chat with people while you draw them - you find out things about them.

kickboxing with Colleen - Caricature
  As you can see ... even the adults ended up getting into the spirit! If you’re at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park [Srathcona County] Alberta, take kickboxing with Colleen ... (^this^ is Colleen!)

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sign I designed

A sign I designed for Leduc #1 and a presentation they do for youth, talking about rock analysis, fossils, goe-cashing, etc. I love this sign, it’s so bright and colourful. This sign is 3 feet by 4 feet and will be used on a table display.

Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre is located about 20 minutes southwest of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

The Centre is located near the junction of two highways--60 and 19. Highway 19 connects to the Queen Elizabeth II Highway at Nisku and the Edmonton International Airport.

Sign Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell designed for Leduc #1  
Energy Discovery Centre

doodling while watching t.v.

There are a lot of interesting characters on t.v. that you can draw.  Don't get too hung up on details, just get the basic drift.  Drawing for the love of it.

This could either be Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory OR one of the Beatles!?

drawing of Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory

promotional photo for VIA Rail's ARTISTS ON RAILS trip to Jasper

  I can't believe that more than 10,000 people have viewed this promotional photo!  That's absolutely wild!  Or maybe it's just my mom looking at it a lot (HA!)?

  I took this photo as a photo for VIA Rail's ARTISTS ON RAILS trip I was going from Edmonton to Jasper.  It was pretty cool, riding the train and doing caricatures for passengers then spending a day drawing in a hotel lobby in Jasper.  Then again, drawing on the train back to Edmonton.  The biggest challenge was the slight movement of the train when drawing but I managed to do it.

  Back to the amount of people who has looked at this photo - thank you for taking a moment to look at it, wherever you are!  Laurel Hawkswell

Edmonton Artist Promotional Photo
Edmonton Artist

something great about everyone

What can I say, I saw the documentary "BULLY" (at the Princess Theater on Whyte Ave.) recently and it inspired me.
Aren't these little dudes cute?!

If people make you think that there's nothing awesome about yourself, don't believe it.  You know the truth, you know your own superpowers, your skills, the stuff that makes you one of a kind.

finding something great about people out there

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Draw

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Draw

Draw, just to draw. Man it feels good!


Caricatures at the The CIM Conference

Doing caricatures at the The Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) Conference at The Shaw Conference Center, was an evening that flew by so quickly.

Here is a photo of a great young guy I talked to who was enjoying the conference.  Not only do I have a great time drawing, but talking with people as I draw them is a real bonus that goes along with the territory!

I think I may comment on “talking with people” a little too often .... but I can’t help it if I’m a people person! AND it makes the time go faster for the person I’m drawing too.  There’s a tip for ya: If you’re new at doing caricatures ...
smile at them and talk to them.  You’ll get a good sense of what kind of person they are so that you can capture their personality in the caricature:  Are they a REALLY happy person?  If they are, then looking for that huge smile to draw is what you go for.  Some people are captured with a smirk or little grin.

Engineer with his caricature

My Favourite cookbook - cover artwork

I did this artwork for the cover awhile ago and the cookbooks are ready!

If you (or anyone you know) is interested in purchasing a cookbook the cost per book is $15 (all proceeds being donated to the Patient Financial Assistance Program at the Cross Cancer
Institute, Edmonton, Alberta), and if they'd like it shipped to them, the postage is $3.60...total being $18.60. The cookbooks have over 400 tried and true family favourites.

Contact Info for anyone that would like a book
Angie Marklund

My Favourite cookbook - cover artwork