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back in at the Microsoft Store at West Edmonton Mall, to draw caricatures

I was invited back in at the Microsoft Store at West Edmonton Mall, to draw caricatures. I had been in a few times before Christmas so going back in seemed so familiar, which is nice for a caricaturist who seems to always head to new locations for events.

All the Microsoft Store staff are truly friendly and welcoming. I would gladly draw their every week if they’d hire me!

A great family, who I’d drawn a couple weeks ago, stopped and said hello. I drew a mom and her 3 children who were an absolute joy to talk to while I drew them. Another lady brought in her boyfriend, grown siblings and her dad, specifically to get a caricature done! I finished off my time there drawing these two sweet sisters …

I hope to be back at the Microsoft Store again soon. I’ll let you know next time I’ll be there!

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

This sign is the Bee's Knees!

I finally got a chance to take pictures of some of the signs I did designs for at the John Janzen Indoor Playground! (original Bee Blog post from April, 2013)

These bees were fun but harder to draw that you might think. They had to be appealing to kids but also be close to anatomically correct. This sign shows The Busy Life of Worker Bees. My favourite bee is the one with the broom and scrub brush on DAYS 22 - 24 as well as the last bee with the big magnifying glass on DAYS 43 AND ONWARDS...

I hope the kids enjoy all the informative signs in John Janzen’s Indoor Playground. If you have little kids, come check it out!

The Busy Life of Worker Bees - Sign at Edmonton's John Janzen Nature Centre

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures gifts at a Family Birthday Party

It was fun for everyone at a 2 Year Old Birthday Party! I drew Caricatures for the guests at a lovely little girl’s birthday party. Here is one that made me smile! Oh my gosh, it looks like I forgot to draw the the scruff on his chin. If this is a picture of you, can you please get a sharpie and add it in?! It’s going to drive me crazy that I didn’t do that. What was I thinking?

couple at Birthday Party with their caricature drawing

Ever draw a caricature and look at it and think that something’s missing but you don’t know what it is. Then you notice that you’ve forgotten one eyebrow or something like that.

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Face Painting at the Secord Show Homes Event

It was a sunny but windy day at the Edmonton event for Secord Show Homes yesterday! 

The wind or crowds did not stop families from coming by to look through the beautiful homes and get some cool free swag: chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, sliders, balloon animals, bubble fun AND my daughter and I doing face painting!

Here is one of my favourite ones of the day! …

Snake Face painting at Edmonton Secord open houses

and some of the Body Painting I like too...

Body art by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Flowers make great body art for those who do not want face painting

more body art with flowers and swirls

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Drawining Caricatures for the NICU Farewell picnic

A picnic in Edmonton's Coronation Park along with kid’s games and me doing Caricatures, for trainees (and their families) completing the Neonatal Perinatal (NICU)  medicine program.

Drawing at various locations is always tricky. Note to self: Always bring extra chairs, always bring an umbrella. Sun is not fun when shining on white paper!

Here are a couple sisters that started the caricature ball rolling!

Caricatures, for trainees  completing the NICU medicine program

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures at Miller Crossing

Miller Crossing, Long Term Care Facility, had their 10 Year Celebration and invited me to draw caricatures for residents and their families. It was a great party with a BBQ, photo booth, carnival games & prizes, and me doing caricatures!

Here are a few of the ones I did.

I've been invited to draw at Miller Crossing a few times and have enjoyed chatting with the residents. Each time I feel lucky that I’m able to still be able to spend time with my own Grandma. Don’t forget yours if you’re still able to enjoy their company and visa versa.

Love this guys hair with his caricature

cute girl holds her caricature

I loved drawing this woman's caricature

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

My Latest Painting now has a Partner (and you can buy it!)

I did the first painting on the left and just finished the painting on the right to go along with it. I like to set my paintings on my mantle and glance at it now and again and tweak it a bit if I feel the need. I sure enjoyed painting with colour and relaxing on painting details. 

The set or individual paintings for sale. Please contact me if interested.

My Paintings Together

Paintings on the Mantel

Painting For Sale

Closeup of Painting

Another Closeup of the Painting
450th blog posting

 Paintings by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures at the Misericordia Hospital's 150 Year Celebration

I had some great people (and their faces!) to draw at the Misericordia Hospital’s (Caritas Health Group)150 Year Celebration. It was really interesting asking each person about their job in the hospital. I get woozy at the sight of blood so, I’m in awe of those who care for all if we need the hospital! 

One lady, while waiting in line, was being teased about combing her hair in different ways in preparation for her caricature. She said that she was going to hang the caricature over her fireplace. Small detail: she just needed to get a fireplace. That’s an example of some of the fun I had!

I’ve also discovered that it’s really nice to have extra chairs lined up for the people waiting in line. You don’t have to have many, just a few extra. It makes things more cozy and relaxing for them. 

At the hospital, drawing in the Garden Cafe, the person who was being drawn, got to sit in these ultra comfortable lounging chairs. Another bonus!

I think this was my 4th or 5th event drawing at the Misericordia and I so enjoy being invited back each time.

Woman at Misericordia with her caricature

Great smile in this caricature

Woman with her caricature at the Misericordia

I had a fun time drawing her caricature

love her smile in her caricature

I liked her reaction to seeing her caricature!

a great simile captured in a caricature

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Celebrating Fathers Day

Yesterday's event was a lot of fun.  Celebrating Fathers Day at the John Janzen Nature Centre drawing caricatures for dads and their kids.

Just before I set up for the event I got a twitter (@hilaurel) message that someone was definitely going to come down to the event that day. So, a couple hours into drawing one lady who's turn it was, said to me, "I have to tell you, I follow you on twitter and I'm a big fan of yours." I asked her her twitter name. Yup, her's was the message I'd read. Her family was wonderful and I so enjoyed chatting with them while I drew them. I joked with her that I wish she hadn't told me she was a big fan until AFTER I finished drawing her, that she'd put extra pressure on me! I also found out that her and her husband used to do a radio show in Edmonton that I had listened to. It was strange listening to them talk when their voices were so familiar to me!

Here are some of the caricatures that made me smile, including a photo of Jamie and Dan who I just talked about ...

A Boy with his caricature

Girl holds up her caricature drawing

Fathers Day caricature

Edmonton Artist Laurel with Jamie and her caricature

Jamie and Dan show us their caricature

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

So,  I just found out that I was drawing caricatures at a wedding that a friend was the photographer for.  I guess we were too engrossed in our work...

Wedding Photography

Cobalt Blue Wedding Edmonton Buffy Goodman Edmonton Artist
Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Complementary caricatures at High Street's Summer Block Party

I will be drawing complementary caricatures at High Street's Summer Block Party (124 Street at 102 Ave) Saturday July 6, 2014 10:00 AM - 4:00 AM

Edmonton Caricature Event

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

I Drew Caricatures at St. Boniface Elementary School

It was such a pleasant afternoon recently, drawing caricatures for the teacher’s Thank you Luncheon put on by the parent council at St. Boniface Elementary School Edmonton. I had a great time chatting with the teachers as I drew them since my daughter has just finished her second year of Elementary Education at the University of Alberta and my sister is a teacher. My uncle, aunt and grandma were teachers as well. I have a lot of respect for those who strive to educate our children.

 Here are a couple of the caricature drawings done that day! ...

caricatures for the teacher’s

caricatures for the teacher’s

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures at a Wedding

It was a pretty cool wedding reception I drew at recently. It was for the couple who I was lucky enough to be part of the moment he asked her to marry him! He got it all set up with the administration of a farmer's market, to have me there. His plan was to "happen upon" me drawing and talk his girlfriend into sitting down for a caricature. His mom and dad were visiting for the weekend and didn't know that he'd planned it. It was a pretty special moment with several people gathered around watching and a quartet played the wedding march as he went down on one knee.

I was pretty thrilled to be asked to draw caricatures at their wedding reception! As I drew people that night, it was fun telling people the engagement event from my point of view.

Next step, possibly drawing some of their kids that may come along!

Here is a photo of one of the guests at the wedding that I drew. His moustache was awesome and she has such a sweet, pretty face!

Wedding guests with their caricature

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when sending a photo up close and smiling (and up-to-date hair, glasses... I can only draw what I see) 

Dreamnight at the Zoo

Another great young man I met and drew at Dreamnight at the Zoo, a private event for the families that need to use the Stollery Children's Hospital here in Edmonton. It was quite the event with all attractions (including me drawing caricatures) volunteering their time and services. A wonderful evening, well worth time spent. Volunteering warms your heart! I hope you find the time to volunteer too.

a great young man I met at the Edmonton Zoo

Hard at work or play

Here is a drawing that my friend and colleague, Gerry Rasmussen, drew of me drawing! I so enjoy drawing along side him at events. We get to talk while setting up and packing up. Every once in awhile we are set up nearby and are able to check out each other's drawings. "Oh that's good!", "You're on fire today!" often can be heard about each other's drawings. It sure makes for a fun atmosphere for everyone involved. Not to mention, the lineup goes twice as fast with two caricaturists instead of just one.

Gerry Rasmussen, drew of me drawing

Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Latenight drawing in my studio

I was up quite late last night working on some caricatures.  This how I often work, up late - when it is quiet.  Typically I am drawing on my Tablet and looking at the picture that was emailed to me on my computer... ahh 'the life' working for yourself, eating Bon Bons and dressing causal while watching Netflix (NOT!)...  I do like this setup but, sleep would be nice too.

drawing in my Wacom studio late at night

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when sending a photo up close and smiling (and up-to-date hair, glasses... I can only draw what I see) 

Face Painting at NAIT later today

I will be face painting at NAIT's Drive The Future Expo held at NAIT Central Campus [11762 106 St. Edmonton, AB] The Expo is free 11am-5pm but, I am there noon - 4 PM.  Please stop by and get your face or body painted.  I often paint women's arms and children's faces.  The men are not into face painting as much - they can look at the vehicles and secretly wish they too could have such great art

Please Note: there is some free parking at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) for this event 

Me with my body painted

young woman with her face painting

Face Painting by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Having fun drawing for The Stollery Dreamnight at the Zoo

Well I am having some fun drawing caricatures at Edmonton Valley Zoo's Dreamnight at the Zoo for the Stollery Children's Hospital.  There are lots of people and everyone is having a good time...

drawing caricatures at Edmonton Valley Zoo's Dreamnight for the Stollery Children's Hospital

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures for Sysco Healthcare & Hospitality Food Expo

Drawing caricatures at Sysco Edmonton today for their Healthcare & Hospitality Food Expo.

I drew along side of my friend and colleague, Gerry Rasmussen. It's always nice to have more than one caricaturist at an event. While setting up we get a chance to chat about life and art. You think we have lots to talk about? You bet! - All caricaturists have a lot of common experiences. Sometimes it may seem like a lonely profession even though we get to connect with all sorts of people on a regular basis, but another caricaturist "gets you"! If we happen to be seated close to each other, we get the added bonus of every once in awhile, getting to check out each other's drawings. The two of us have such different styles so a few people took the time to have both of us draw them. that opportunity doesn't come along too often.

I recognised a few people that I'd drawn last year at another Sysco Edmonton event! There was even a lady that I recognised and she said that I'd drawn her at a birthday party earlier in the year.

I was told that the sales reps often see one of the caricatures up in the client's office from the Sysco Food Show... That's pretty cool in my world!

A Kraft representative shows us her caricature

A woman with this year's Caricature. She got one last year!

A gentleman and I with his caricature

Chef with his Caricature at Sysco Food Show

Woman pleased with her caricature

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell