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Engagement Party Caricatures!

I've been asked to do caricatures at a real variety of events. No event is out of the question (well, …. maybe).

This caricature was done at an Engagement Party. A great group of family and friends gathered to celebrate. This was one of my favourites. I love it when someone sits down with different piercings, a unique hair style, facial hair or just their own, unique look to them. One guy at the party said, "My girlfriend isn't here tonight so would it be okay if I got a caricature with my dog?" and he pulled out a photo of his dog on his phone. So that started a bit of a trend because another guy did the same thing!

Then there was the guy who got me to draw him and his girlfriend from a photo of her on his phone because she's away in the states taking optometry. He wanted to mail it to her for Valentine's Day.

One couple that was there, I'd drawn two years ago so they sat down and wanted me to draw his face partially like a raptor and her partially as a cougar. Strange but did it! They loved it. And I have to admit that I think it turned out a lot better than I thought it would when they first asked.

Always a good time for me. I'm lucky.

Engagement Party caricatures for the guests
caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures for Four Points by Sheraton's Staff Christmas Party

It's nice to draw for a few company Christmas parties in January. November and December are so crazy busy and there are only so many weekend dates. Those dates fill up pretty quick. Here's a caricature from tonight's staff

Christmas party for Four Points by Sheraton (Four Points by Sheraton Edmonton south on Argyll Rd.)

I loved their rock/waterfall wall leading down to the banquet room! So beautiful that I'm sure many a bride and groom have stood in front of that wall.

It sure is fun when I hear that someone is already talking about framing their caricature when they haven't even got it done yet, but has watched awhile. I drew one mother/daughter team where the mom kept telling me to draw her younger looking than her daughter. She was happy in the end with her caricature so I guess I did okay! She was a pretty lady so I don't know why she kept on saying that. I'm not going to look as young as my daughter and nor should I. Do you hear that hollywood? Not that hollywood is calling but you know, some of those hollywood actresses don't look a day older than when I last saw them in something 20 years ago … the true magic of hollywood I guess. And there's something magical about caricatures. Open your mind to accept the cartoon you and you'll be happy. There are some people who are looking for a portrait. I think I need to remind the odd person that it's not a portrait but a cartoon representation.

One thing that never gets old, the thrill I get when someone smiles when they see their caricature! It's like a little zap of adrenaline!

Looking forward to my next caricature event booked next weekend!

Celebrating Hockey Back On, My Way!

NHL's Edmonton Oilers Annual Thank you card

Finally! Edmonton Oilers NHL Hockey is back on for 2013! Do you hear Canadians rejoicing?! A lot of people are happy NHL hockey is back, for many different reasons.  The Thank you card was designed with Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle and you (number one)!

This is an Edmonton Oiler Thank You card that I recently designed and now they'll be able to use!
I believe this is my 4th Annual design for their Thank You card. It used to be one that had to work for The Edmonton Oilers, The Edmonton Oil Kings AND The Edmonton Capitals.  Now it no longer includes the Capitals. Makes it easier in brainstorming when it needs to work for one sport and not two.

So, this is the Edmonton Oiler's version of the 2013 Thank You card to those people they choose to give it to.

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Caricatures at Snow Valley's Christmas Staff Party

It was great to be back once again, to Edmonton Snow Valley Ski Club's Staff Christmas Party! I was neat to see some new and some familiar faces. Here are a few of my favourite's from the evening…

Why is the young guy holding up a package of Sharpies you may be asking yourself? He was saying that I must go through a lot of them and he hoped that I got a deal on them. I said, "Well, I just get them from Staples." we got the idea that I should mention Sharpies in every blog post I do and eventually they may take notice and send some my way for free or give me a good deal on them. Well, I do buy them at Costco too but I don't think Costco sells the big ones that I also use. Here's another night of using my Sharpies!

The group caricature of the two couples was a blast to do. Actually, my favourite part was at the end when I showed them and the blonde guy wearing the toque was the only one who hadn't looked at it at all through the process and he had a great laugh when he saw it.

So here's to another great night with the Snow Valley crew and here's to my son and his buddies having lots of fun on the hill at Snow Valley till the end of the ski season. It really is a great atmosphere for your kids to spend a day in.

caricatures by Canadian Artist Laurel Hawkswell 


Cleaning off some of my Window Paintings

A few clients will have me back to clean off my window painting. This doesn't happen often and let's face it, I'd hate to have to go back to each place that I painted at this past holiday season to clean their windows! Today was a huge cleaning day at Western GMC because not only was I cleaning off Christmas stuff (and they had me paint a lot of that), but 3 promotions were over which I had painted on 5 of their big windows! I think it took me about 9 hours to clean. Needless to say, my I'm one stiff puppy tonight! Here's hoping that I bounce back well and wake up miraculously pain free!

There's something kinda cool in all the globs of paint in my bucket. Makes a girl wanna paint a canvas and do a little bit of splattering! Now to squeeze in a little bit of "Paint-Just-Cause-I-Wanna" time. Wish me luck.

cleaning off my Christmas window painting

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