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window painting at 4 Edmonton Hudsons locations

A wee bit ‘o window painting at 4 Edmonton Hudsons locations this week! 

They are definitely gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day! Go in for a pint and enjoy the awesome Canadian atmosphere. 

You know it’s a good restaurant when they have a picture of Bob and Doug McKensie in the lobby!

More Hudsons, More Shamrocks!

Look who’s keeping me out of trouble this week! A new client, Hudsons locations in Edmonton. It’s lookin’ pretty festive in there. If you don’t go to Hudsons on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re not havin’ the best time!

Edmonton Artist

Hudsons Canadian Tap House


Caricatures for ATCO I-Tek

Caricatures for ATCO I - Tek’s team meeting and social. Here is one of my fav’s! Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.

Edmonton Artist

A drawing just for fun

Another little drawing just for fun ....
sometimes for an artist, you forget to draw just for the enjoyment of it. 

I'm going to try and fit a little more of that in. Stay tuned blog followers! ....

Edmonton artist

Celebrating Western GMC being Alberta’s #1 GMC & Buick Dealer

*Celebrating Western GMC being Alberta’s #1 GMC & Buick Dealer*.

I hope that my window paintings for them over the last year has helped them become #1 ... in some small way!

I describe that “T” in “Alberta” as something like a Christmas Miracle because there’s a pillar that is in the way so that the scaffold can’t get in front of that area so I had to stretch as far as I could, using the longest paint brush handle I had (and holding it at the very end) to accomplish part of that “T”.

I gave myself a little gold star after that one!

Does anyone have any ideas for me?

I sat down the other night to simply draw. I don't often get to "just draw" because it's usually with the purpose of getting someone's project/job done.
I came upon this little guy. He made me smile. I feel the need to use him in some sort of way. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

Edmonton Artist

Logo for Sweetie Pie's Mini Donuts

Here is a logo I recently finished for Sweetie Pie's Mini Donuts. I may be a little biased but I think she's adorable!  Looking forward to eating Sweetie Pie's Mini Donuts various varieties of treats!

Sweetie Pie's will soon be found at festivals and downtown Edmonton - look for them when you're out

Edmonton Artist