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Caricatures from two different events I drew at this week

Young woman with her Caricature
A guy with his Caricature
A young lady with her Caricature
A Boy with his Caricature at a Birthday Party
Photos from two different events I drew at this week. The blonde, curly haired boy is from an 8 year old boy's birthday party. I thought when I walked into the party that this group of boys wouldn't care one way or the other the fact that I was there to draw them but I was really pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm for it. Each one sat and chatted with me while it was there turn and several came back into
the room to look at the progress of each other's caricature. One little boy (now remember, they were 8 years old ...) sat down and said to me, "You're small." I was taken aback a bit and definitely amused!
I replied that yes, I agreed that I was short. And he said, "But you're smaller than my sister who's in grade nine. You're really small!" Oh the funny things kids say! When I repeated the story today
to someone they said that it was way bettter than hearing that he thought I was old looking or something! AMEN TO THAT! The other photos are from Design Group Staffing's Employee Christmas Lunch. They even invited me to enjoy their catered turkey dinner which was absolutely delicious. I had a blast drawing people. Here are a few of them. The one dark haired lady isn't smiling in the photo which is a real shame because her smile is beautiful as you can see from the
drawing. I giggle when I look at the girl's caricature with the curly hair. Her whole face lit up when she smiled and talked and I wanted to get that animated feel to the drawing too. I think I got it! Loved
drawing her curls too! So the caricatures were such a success that they invited me back today to finish up ALL the staff! The atmosphere there was so warm and welcoming that going in today felt really
comfortable. I almost felt like an employee myself!

Caricatures by Canadian Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com
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