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Face Painting for Fraser Community League

Fraser Community League (NE Edmonton, Alberta) asked me to face paint for their community event. They had food and lots of games for the kids … as well as me face painting! 

This little guy loved his tiger face paint! He would come back every once in awhile to take a look at himself in my hand mirror. I would know each time because he would also growl as he looked at his face! Sure makes you smile when you know that someone likes what you painted for them that much.

They had a group of teenage girls volunteering and right near the end they came over to get some face painting. So they decided they wanted their legs done. I think seeing all of them here is pretty neat. I was glad to be able to do something cool for volunteers.

Body paint on girls leg at family picnic
This little guy loved his tiger face paint!
Teen girl with body paint on her leg
teen girl with flowers and swirls for bodypainting 
Teenage girl with bodyart painting at Edmonton Community League Event

Caricatures for staff at the Misericordia Hospital

Wanting to put a human touch to one of the departments at the Misericordia Hospital here in Edmonton Alberta, I was hired to do caricatures. 

I overheard someone ask, "When have they done this before?" and the reply was, "They've never done this for us before!" 

I'm glad I could be a bright spot in their day! During their break they would come over and check out each other's drawings. They will be photocopied and hung in their hallway for their Open House (sorry I do not know the date or time). The staff will get their original drawing. Like I said, it will definitely add a human touch to the sterile environment. It's nice to know … That's What I Do! 

The gentleman holding his caricature was so much fun to draw. He had me laughing so much!

gentleman holding his caricature was so much fun to draw
caricatures o\for staff at the Misericordia Hospital here in Edmonton
Edmonton Artist - caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures for LASIK MD's Company Picnic

What a beautiful day at Rundle Park with the staff from LASIK MD! 

I was a bit goofy because it had been a very cold morning and I didn't look at the weather forecast …

I'd remembered drawing at another event in the summer when it was overcast, windy and really cold. I'd had to pull out my winter coat from my vehicle. SO, thinking I was being really brilliant, I put on my long johns. Look at this first photo … yes, it's sunny! What was I thinking? Luckily I wasn't so hot that I was sweating or anything but it was rather crazy of me to think I needed long johns. They were thin long johns but still … long johns in September. NO, Edmonton is not that cold.

Oh, and I'd put HOT POCKETS in my shoes. 

I managed to have a good time even though I was overdressed.  I think I was the only one wearing glasses too....

Young couple with their caricatures
woman holding her caricature
What a great smile in this caricature
big smiles for these caricatures
Edmonton artist caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures at the Good Samaritan Corporate Office

Drawing caricatures at the Good Samaritan Corporate Office and I had too much fun to just post one example from the morning!
I was trying out a new drawing set up so I was a bit nervous for the first few minutes. I've been using a drawing table that always felt a bit too low and the drawing board area itself not quite big enough. I felt that I was getting too much neck pain afterwards from looking up and down a lot. I'm hoping that my new easel will be the charm! So far so good!

Woman at Good Samaritan Edmonton with her caricature
Man at Good Samaritan Edmonton with his caricature
Woman at Good Samaritan Edmonton holds her caricature
Man at Good Samaritan Edmonton looks pleased with his caricature
Woman at Good Samaritan Edmonton with her caricature
Edmonton artist caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell

Face Painting for a company's family event

So often I forget to take photos of my face painting. It's my mission to do better in that respect. So on that note, 
here are a couple photos from a recent company's family event. I crop the photos on purpose so that the child's
privacy is kept, even though I have asked their parent if I would be allowed to take their photo to be able to show
as an example of my work.

Edmonton Girl with face painted during a family picnic
face painting for a corporate family event
Edmonton artist  Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures for AIT Client Services

A fantastic day at the park for AIT Client Services Staff Picnic this past week. So nice to sit and draw people on a beautiful, sunny day. I hope I added to the enjoyment of the day. People enjoyed sitting down for their own caricature and many people would pop over ever once in awhile to see how everyone else's caricature was turning out. The plan was to photo copy them and hang them up in an office hallway and everyone then gets to take the original home. A great way to liven up and lighten up any work place!

woman with caricature
a man holds his caricature
Edmonton artist caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell

Back to Draw at The Radisson Again!

Drawing for more of the staff at The Radisson Hotel in South Edmonton. It's so nice to be asked back and to see many familiar and friendly faces.

It was also a very special day for the staff and one little girl …. Jessie was officially given her wish from the Children's Make A Wish Foundation of a trip to Disneyworld because of the generous donations from staff and clientele at The Radisson Hotel, South Edmonton. Not only that, but they gave her a Disney princess suitcase and other princess treasures. She is one deserving little girl because of her health issues over her 6 years. This summer she became tracheotomy tube free! 

I'm glad Jessie sat down for me to draw her caricature too.

I have donated my time to do caricatures at a Fundraiser that Jessie's mom has put on to benefit The Stollery Children's Hospital here in Edmonton. So when I saw Jessie and her mom and realised how special this day was for her, I was thrilled to be able to be there! And how wonderful it was for the staff to meet the little girl that they fundraised for, making her wish come true. Have fun in Disneyworld Jessie!

Woman with her caricature at The Radisson Hotel in South Edmonton
Chef holding caricature at The Radisson Hotel in South Edmonton
Jessie! what a cute caricature
Staff woman at The Radisson Hotel in South Edmonton
Edmonton artist caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell