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The Busy Life of Bees - sign

I recently finished up numerous Bee illustrations for the City of
Edmonton's John Janzen Nature Centre for signage in their Indoor Play
Area. I got to know bees pretty well. My favorite illustration is
this one with some extra character of the worker, nurse, guard,
foraging bees!

It was a bit of a challenge to give the bees some character and at the
same time keeping them fairly anatomically correct.

Sign by Edmonton Graphic Artist, Laurel Hawkswell

caricatures at Pop Culture fair Edmonton

I had a fun day drawing at the Pop Culture fair held at Edmonton's Kingsway Hanger.  There we a lot of people out having a good time browsing the many vendors and a few had time to sit down and have me draw them.  One girl had me draw her with Justin Bieber, he wasn't their but, she had a 'few' pictures on her phone...

Girl with her caricature in her Superman T-shirt
It was nice to meet some MacEwan University art students and get a chance to talk shop.

Members of Edmonton's Dungeons & Dragon Improv team 
Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Ringette Alberta caricatures

I was drawing caricatures at Ringette Alberta's Provincials for their 2012-2013 finals in Sherwood Park Alberta.  the girls and the families all looked like they were having fun

Ringette player with her caricature

Ringette Alberta player with her caricature

Edmonton Oilers Facepaint

I was facepainting some Edmonton Oilers fans yesterday before the game.

Edmonton Oiler fans with facepaint

Edmonton Oiler fan with facepaint

Edmonton Oiler facepainting before the game

Edmonton Oiler boy with facepaint

Edmonton Oiler fan with facepainting

Caricatures at eWomen Network event

I drew caricatures at Edmonton's chapter of the eWomen Network's MEET AT THE CAPITAL event this past Friday.

Edmonton woman with her Caricature

It was quite the treat to listen to successful women speak on issues of wellness and career tips on reaching your goals. Here are two of the women I drew that day. Please check out Awakening Goddess and all the good things Aime is doing.

eWomen Network caricature

Caricatures at a Birthday Party

Drew lots of little kids today at a birthday party. It was really interesting because the first little guy I drew was NOT interested at all in sitting for me, "When are you gonna be done, why is it taking so long" over and over again. So I thought that would be the last I saw of him the very second I said I was done but he ended up watching me draw and helping me almost the whole time. In helping me I mean, getting the next piece of paper, getting the next person I was to draw, etc. So someone who I thought I'd go home saying, "UGH, I had this kid who was so not interested in me being there …" ended up being a cheerful, bright spot in my afternoon! Never good to judge too quickly.

Caricatures at Baturyn Community League's Volunteer Appreciation Night

It was a great night to do caricatures for Baturyn Community's Volunteers! They were expecting a complimentary dinner but also got a caricature to take home!

As a volunteer myself, I can say that it's always good to show volunteers that they are appreciated. Hopefully they enjoy their drawings for years to come.

Window Painting GMC's Chrome Event and $500 Gas Card

I was back at Western GMC again this week to paint 3 windows with GMC CHROME EVENT and two windows with $500 GAS CARD. They keep me out of trouble that's for sure! I was there for two days and I realised that when I woke up on the second day, that I looked forward to going. Not necessarily for all the work that was waiting for me but because the atmosphere there is so positive.
They are busy (hence the fact that they can say they are Alberta's #1 GMC & Buick Dealership) and friendly and welcoming to me.

These two graphics were taken from their official promotions so I tried to make them look like the company's official graphics as much as possible.

Edmonton Western GMC CHROME EVENT - window painting

Western GMC - window painting

Edmonton's UofA Campus Hudsons window painting

I was back at Hudson’s for a second year, painting shamrocks for their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

I feel like the shamrock expert now! Here’s a close up from the inside to see the brush strokes. The real trick here is to NOT get bored of painting the same thing over and over again! It’s a bit like meditation because you can only go at a certain pace and you don’t have to think too hard because well, once you’ve painted one shamrock you know what you’re doing … but you still need to be on the ball enough to NOT fall off the ladder or stool you’re standing on! AND at the same time, still want to do a quality job, always wanting to be proud of the work you’ve done. And thankfully Hudson’s plays good music! Another added bonus while working. I hate to admit it but its a little bit like torture when I’m working on location and they are playing country music.

 So, to make a long story short, today’s result is … a whole bunch shamrocks for passers by and patrons to enjoy!