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Western GMC has been "LAUREL-ITISED!"

Western GMC has been "LAUREL-ITISED! 

 What is "LAUREL-ITISED"? …. Well I think everywhere you turn at Western GMC you'll find some of my window painting! Jamie gave me instructions to "Go big! I want more than last year!" He wanted something all the way along the front of the showroom so I put Christmas bulbs. You'll find a big Santa, elves, Christmas tree, snowman (shown in a recent blog entry) and a couple more Santa designs in the Service Department (as shown here). Not to mention the a few window painting jobs of promotions that are still up and running. BOOM. It's been LAURELITISED!

 Thanks Western GMC for giving me your windows as my canvas. You're awesome!

Window Painting Santa

Christmas bulbs at Western GMC

Santa - we all know him

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