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Caricatures at Birthday Party

I met the nicest family today doing caricatures at their daughter’s birthday party. A great reminder that there are good people out there in the world. It was pretty cool that their daughter is big into art herself so having me come do caricatures was a brilliant idea … way to go Dad!

 All the people invited to the party got to bring one home as well as a few extras done from photos. Getting some of their Christmas gifts done early! Now all they have to do is get a frame, wrap and they’re set.

Caricatures at Fort Saskatchewan's Fall Festival

It was a fabulous, warm day at the Fort Saskatchewan Fall Festival put on by the Downtown Business Council. 

They had a dunk tank, bands, jumpy things, hair extensions, food, western photo booth and …. CARICATURES!  Here are a couple of my favourites. 

I didn’t notice that the mom in this picture put her sunglasses back on.  A little tough to see the likeness but you get the general idea.  It’s always kind of special when a caricature is done of a mother and daughter, father and son or like another one I did today… of a grandpa and his one year old grand daughter. Oh I wish I’d taken a picture of them and their caricature because he was one proud grandpa! I’d finished drawing here face and I was just working on her hair when she fell asleep on his lap.  So adorable! 

 I love the caricature here of the woman with the curly hair.  Sometimes ya just feel like ya get it right and you're happy to have been able to take a picture of it because you can revisit the “AH HA! I got it!” moment.  

Always fun too when you hear them say, “Oh, we’re getting that framed!” …. so it was a good day in the beautiful little town of Fort Saskatchewan, located just outside of Edmonton Alberta.

signs for Leduc #1 Discover Centre’s Annual Rib Cook Off

OK so after making a whole wack of signs for Leduc #1 Discover Centre’s Annual Rib Cook Off, which by the way keeps getting bigger and bigger each year, I got a little loopy … as you can see here! 

 Are you wondering what the arrows were for?  Believe it or not, they weren’t done just to emphasize me.  They were directional arrows for parking.  I know, not as exciting as pointing to me! 

 When making signs I try and make things readable and use the space wisely.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a banner or sign where the lettering just seems to be floating in a ton of space.  If you’ve got the room, use it!

Signs by Alberta Graphic Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Alberta Artist

WOW! Window art at the UofA


Week of Welcome at the University of Alberta.  

It was quite the exciting vibe at the University of Alberta last week, with a lot of people moving into residence at the University of Alberta in anticipation of school starting!  I may have felt it a little more than the average person because my own daughter was starting university as well.  Nervous and excited rolled into one!

I was asked to paint “Welcome Home” at two of their residence buildings (Lister Hall and International House), along with the design that they were using this year.  For many it is home for another year but many will be in Edmonton for the first time leaving a town smaller than Lister Hall and definatly smaller than the UofA.  I hope that the window painting will make them feel better.  I was impressed with the swirls and colours they were using - like I’ve said before, who doesn’t like swirls?!

Edmonton Artist Window art UofA