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Caricatures at Edmonton Pop Culture Fair

Good times once again at the Edmonton Pop Culture Fair! 

Here is a caricature from the day. I really should have taken more photos. Drat! And one other photo I took of a couple cute little kids I’d drawn, turned out completely blurry. I should have checked it! Double drat!

I saw a few people who came back again from last year’s show to see me again and get another caricature. Drew a couple friends who stopped to say hi. And of course, met some new, great people. I haven’t mentioned this lately but when you think that our society is totally crummy, all you have to do is set up a couple chairs and your easel and draw some people … and I guarantee that you’ll meet some great people.

Edmonton guy holds his Caricature at the Pop Culture fair

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Tulip Painting is SOLD

I’m happy to say that one of my paintings has been sold and is now in the home of a new family. I hope it brightens their family room for many years to come. The owner has collected a lot of art so I’m happy to be included in her collection!

Tulip Painting it its new home

I have been commissioned to compose a Gerber Daisy Painting and a pair of Children's Portraits so, I'm going to have to set up my easel and get out my brushes again.... 

I have another Painting for Sale  

If you’re interested in having these paintings full of warmth and colour, 
send me a message. click > Email inquiry about the painting

Lifeguard Poster Designs

I just finished a series of Lifeguarding posters that I’m really happy with. I did the images on my new Wacom Windows tablet! I love the shading that it allows me to do. Here are two of my favourites. I thought it was cool how I showed the male lifeguard’s head turning to the left and the right. 

 The City of Edmonton is serious about their responsibility of lifeguarding their patrons. I’ve always been impressed with their facilities and proud to have done a lot of work for them over the years.

“Full of Colour” PAINTING FOR SALE

I had set these paintings up on my mantel to look at from time to time to see if I was completely satisfied with it. Turns out, I wasn’t. So with a little bit more paint and standing back some more … it’s done.

If you’re interested in having these paintings full of warmth and colour, send me a message. 

Pondering Change, Tulip Painting

TULIP PAINTING FOR SALE - has changed a bit.

Sometimes paintings have a bit of an evolution. This painting started out from a photo I’d taken of white and pink tulips. I got the green leaves painted first and then once I added the pink, the pink felt wrong. The leaves had overpowered the whole painting. Then I started adding more colour to the tulips. Recently I thought it was done and had posted a photo of it. But as it hung in my dining room, there didn’t seem to be quite enough depth in the tulips. I finally feel that it’s done. When I took it from my dining room and set it on my mantel to take this photo, I stood back and was amazed at the power of the colour!

 If you’re interested in this celebration of colour for your home or office, send me a message and we’ll chat.

Painting of pink tulips

Closeup of painting

Flower painting for sale in Edmonton
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Painting For Sale by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Acrylic Painting - For Sale. It would look great in your home/office

Vibrant as all heck! [2 feet by 4 feet].

Boy do I love the colour and depth in this painting. And if you do too and think you have just the right spot for it, then contact me for details. I will enjoy this in my dining room until a new owner takes it for their own. I started this painting just before my busy Christmas season started and so I finally got back to it and can now say that it’s done!

Acrylic Painting for Sale by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Flower painting for sale in Edmonton
click > Email inquiry about the painting