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Caricatures at Alberta Pensions Services Corporation

I enjoyed my time today drawing caricatures for a group at Alberta Pensions Services Corporation.
This was a favourite. What fun it was to draw her awesome hair style and her great smile!

drawing caricatures in Edmonton Alberta

Enbridge 2013 United Way Campaign window painting

I was back at Enbridge again this year to paint their windows for their annual United Way campaign.
I take the art that the United Way gives them. The Enbridge employees and contractors do an amazing job of raising money for this great cause.

Window painting for Enbridge United Way campaign
Window painting by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Alberta Conference Caricatures

I spent some time this past week doing forty odd caricatures for a conference. The coolest part was when I was drawing a bunch in one sitting and I clicked on yet another photo and there, to my surprise, was someone I knew! 

It was fun, yet a bit nerve wracking drawing his caricature because I really wanted it to turn out well. I'm looking forward to hearing what he thought of it! 

The strange thing about drawing caricatures from photos is if I happen to see one of these people out and about one day. I've studied their face, coloured their face but don't actually know them!

caricatures for an Alberta conference
Collage of Caricatures from Conference

Caricatures at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for World Animal Day

drew a lot of families today at the Edmonton Valley Zoo! The zoo's special event was World Animal Day.   Events were happening all around the world! 

I was in the Learning Lair at the zoo. It's a very small building with doors that slide wide open. It wasn't the warmest day (but not the coldest either) but I had planned on NOT being as cold as I have been in the past in there. I brought our heater from home and had it about 2 feet away from my feet. It was wonderful! As you can imagine, it's not fun trying to draw if you're cold, especially your hands of course. I'm so glad I brought it. Made my day quite enjoyable! 

Here's a nice family I got to draw. Notice the little girl totally enthralled with her mom's phone? She's not the only one who's pulled out her phone to get her child to stay still. It works pretty well but they they tend to not only look down but put their head down too. I guess it kinda works after you've finished drawing their eyes. I drew some pretty adorable kids today!

There was one young couple I drew and I asked them, "What brought you to the zoo today without kids?" and the girl said, "I just really like animals." There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's pretty nice!

nice family, I got to draw their caricature at Edmonton Zoo

Edmonton Artist, Caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell

Stand Up Sign - Blog Post number 400

Introducing Paddy McInnes

Introducing Paddy McInnes

Paddy McInnes has been created as a new employee at Agriculture Industry Extension and Training Branch (Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development). He is being introduced to put a friendly face to the department. They wanted to remind their customers that when you call in for service, you are talking to folks that want to help and are doing their best for you. 

I hope Paddy McInnes adds character and warmth to their day.

Sign by Alberta Artist Laurel Hawkswell

this is Blog post 400 - a milestone for me!

Finishing up Caricatures at The Grey Nuns

I was back to finish up caricatures for the staff in one of the departments at The Grey Nuns. This was one of my favourites for sure! It was nice to go back in and see lots of friendly, familiar faces! 

So now they are going to photocopy, reduce them a bit and put them in small frames to hang up in their staff room. Should be a fun looking wall.

caricatures for staff member at The Grey Nuns Hospital Edmonton
Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures at the Fort Saskatchewan Fall Festival

The Fort Saskatchewan Downtown Business Council invited me back again this year to draw at their Fall Festival.

It was a bit windy which made it tricky for me at times, but it was a morning and afternoon of caricatures and a long line  up. 

As you can see, I saw some great smiles today and met some nice people. Another good day!
A young lady holds her caricature
this young mand shows us his caricature
a Fort Saskatchewan couple with their Caricature 

Interesting Things People Do With My Caricatures

Interesting Things People Do With My Caricatures
Interesting Things People Do With My Caricatures

I popped in at The Misericordia Hospital and they showed me one more thing they did with my caricatures …

personalized locker labels! Not only will they hang in their main hallway but they their lockers. It looked pretty neat all hanging together like that. It's great that they're having so much fun with it. A fun thing would be to see one of the lady's faces when she comes back from holidays and sees her caricature on her locker ( I did it from a photo of those who were away on holidays and the rest were done there at the hospital ).

thanks for Reading my Blog

Edmonton Artist, Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures at a Birthday Celebration

I had a great night drawing caricatures at a birthday party. The women wore absolutely gorgeous saris, even the little girls! They had a group of Chinese Dancers come in to perform, Choo Choo the Clown, me doing caricatures and Cosmin Danila taking photos (which I can't wait to see!). I'm not quite sure what else they may have had BEFORE all the above mentioned showed up.

This little girl was adorable. I wasn't sure if her hair was supposed to be this style or if a bunch of it on the one side had fallen out of a braid or barrett. Either way, it was so cute.

And this group of 4 guys I drew were awesome! Nice … and … awesome. One of the guys said he was going to frame it. Another one of the guys said to me, "This is great, it's something that everybody should do at least once in their lifetime." He's right!

group of 4 guys I drew were awesome
This little girl was adorable

Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell