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Digital caricature of Slash 
by: Edmonton caricature artist Laurel
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Early stages of drawing Slash caricature  on my Tablet
Please visit my main page  https://hilaurel.blogspot.com/p/caricatures.html
Please visit my caricature page
 caricature  of Slash
Please visit my main page  https://hilaurel.blogspot.com/p/caricatures.html
Please visit my caricature page
Caricature of Slash printed
 Please visit my main page  https://hilaurel.blogspot.com/p/caricatures.html
Please visit my caricature page
Drawing a digital caricature of Slash
Please visit my main page  https://hilaurel.blogspot.com/p/caricatures.html
Please visit my caricature page
Digital Caricature of Slash
Please visit my main page  https://hilaurel.blogspot.com/p/caricatures.html
Please visit my caricature page

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Kinsmen Sports Centre Kid's Den Sign Design

I'm excited to see this sign I designed and just delivered put up at Kinsmen Sports Centre for the City of Edmonton! It will be put up soon, going into their Kid's Den play room. I love their motto, "Where Little Athletes Train". I am proud of the diversity shown in this art. This truly symbolises what Edmonton is all about. And besides, I think all the little kiddies in the art are cute!

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell
Children's Indoor Play Area sign
Kinsmen Sports Centre Kid's Den sign delivered!


Face painting is another form of art I do! Kids love to get their faces painted. I enjoy painting on arms so that kids can see the art too. This little boy loved his T-Rex. And this girl was decked out in cool sugar skull attire and I was so excited to add to the whole look!

Face Paint Party
Face Painted Arm Art
Party Idea
Fabulous Sugar Skull Face

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

It was the first time I joined in with other artists at the Strathearn Art Walk. The Strathearn community is really nice with the event held in a big green space overlooking the river valley and Edmonton's downtown skyline. There were a lot of artists and a wide variety of art for people to enjoy viewing the artist's creations. There was a beer garden, kid's crafts, food and music. I saw artists I knew and met a few more. It's hard when you have your own tent set up, to be able to get away to look around. After all, if I wasn't in my tent I couldn't do any caricatures. I also displayed some of my paintings. I haven't had much free time to paint lately which kind of frustrates me ... I'd really love more hours in the day! I look forward to next year's Strathearn Art Walk. 
Here are some of the people I drew ....

Edmonton caricature
Caricature of Newlyweds

Caricature fun
Father and daughter time!

Caricature art
Loved drawing her hair

Parent love
Mommy and son keepsake!

Edmonton festival
Sister and brother and their happy faces!

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Edmonton Wedding reception Caricatures at Shaw Conference Centre

A very fancy wedding with lots of things happening for their guests: dancers, photo booth and caricature artists! At big events it's often good to hire more than one of us to draw. A lot of the kids were excited to have their caricature done. The boys were sharp in their dress clothes but oh how I loved seeing all the girls in their beautiful saris! The colours, the details .... the colours! (yes I meant to write that twice).
I was surprised to get a phone call today from a girl that I'd drawn, thanking me for the caricature and saying how much she loved it and that she was going to frame it. I thought that was so sweet and such a nice thing to do.

alberta girls caricatures
wedding guest caricature
wedding reception idea
wedding party gift

Kiwanis Place Carnival

I drew caricatures for the residents at Kiwanis Place during their Carnival. The weather was perfect and the Recreation Coordinator had some really neat things for everyone. The petting zoo was a huge hit and I was really busy drawing as well.

I’d never been to a senior’s residence event where there was a petting zoo and judging from the amount of people petting the animals … what a brilliant idea! Here are some of my favourites from the day. Residents and staff. The lovely lady in the hat is small in stature so it was fun to draw her down at the bottom of the paper. I think she was the one to give me the idea actually! We laughed together when I showed it to her and I got the best hug from her too! I’m thankful that one of the gentlemen took the time to take a photo of the two of us and send it to me.

 The photo of the two ladies is pretty neat because it is a mother/daughter team. Her mom is almost 104 years old. I said, “I’m sure you get tired of hearing this question but, what is your secret?” She said, “Oh, I have no more secrets!” Her daughter said, “Hard work, right mom!” Her mom was so neat to talk to! Such a great afternoon for me!

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Ya! I got it! That’s them alright!

It just hit me how many different kinds of smiles there are out there and how many I’ve captures on paper! Smiles and eyes are almost like fingerprints - no two seem to be exactly alike. It’s fun when you can draw someone’s and you say to yourself, “Ya! I got it! That’s them alright!”

And kids … it’s funny when their parent will say, “Okay, smile!” and they give you the most fake smile imaginable. So you accept it but you don’t draw it and before you know it, that fake smile relaxes and you finally get a glimpse of the real one. I’m getting pretty good at spotting the fake ones.

But the best smiles are the ones you get when you show people their caricature!

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Company Picnic!

It was my second year back at A & B Rail’s company picnic! It was a warm afternoon at Laurier Park and staff and families played a friendly game of baseball. I drew caricatures and even did some repeats from last year. Drew someone’s daughter who’d since had her braces taken off so of course there was a need for a new caricature! One young guy showed me the drawing I’d done of him last year from his phone, “Yup, you’ve changed since last year! You definitely look older!” Here are a few of my favourites from the day. I always appreciate people letting me take their photo with their caricature.

Company picnic
The Chef gets a caricature

Edmonton event
A good character

Edmonton staff gift
Caricatures make good staff gifts

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Family Caricatures in Colour!

Still loving my Cintiq Companion artist’s tablet for doing coloured art work! Giving a clean, professional coloured caricature now makes it feel like years ago since I was doing them with markers. Thank goodness those days are gone. No more marker lines, accidental smudges that make me have to start from scratch. Now the shading quality is lovely and I’m proud to give this kind of final art piece. This way the final digital copy is also an option for the recipient. Here are a couple final pieces ready to be picked up…

Family gift ideas
100% Customised Family Caricatures

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Staff Appreciation Party

It’s so much fun drawing curls and this lady has the most fabulous hair! Showing curls without getting to caught up in the details of all of it is tricky sometimes. I was really pleased with this one. This was drawn at a Staff Appreciation Party. Goodies, good hearted conversation and everyone enjoying seeing each other's caricatures!
Company Party Fun
Caricature fun at a staff party

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Birthday Party Caricatures

Caricatures are a great idea for birthday parties. They are enjoyed by all ages and make great “treat bag” take home gifts. They are more of a keepsake than a bag of candy and dollar store toys!

This is a photo of the older siblings of the birthday girl. A nice treat for them as well.

Edmonton artists
Caricatures are a great idea for birthday parties

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures at EPS Victim Services Unit Advocates Volunteer Appreciation

Edmonton Police Service Victim Services Unit Advocates held it’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon and I was lucky enough to be asked to draw caricatures. An afternoon of talking with people who volunteer on the Crisis Line, go out to council and care for victims of violence, help grieving families in any way they can, etc. Amazing people. When groups of people said they wanted to be drawn with their “team” it was pretty special. They support others and they support each other. There definitely are good people out there in our world. Here are just a few of them and the caricature I drew for them today…

edmonton artist
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

edmonton artist
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Caricatures at City Hall Plaza for FCM in Edmonton

I drew caricatures in the front of City Hall for the Mayor’s Reception for the FCM Conference (Federation of Canadian Municipalities). It is an annual event held in different locations in Canada and the largest Canadian gathering of elected municipal leaders. I was really proud of my city, Edmonton, and the nice reception put on by the organizers. Danny Hooper and his band played and sang. It seemed very fitting because Danny Hooper is an Edmonton institution! Food, drink and caricature artists. It was a really interesting night meeting people from all over the country. New Brunswick, Toronto, Nunavut and my personal favourites … my aunt and uncle! My uncle is a Councillor in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

It was perhaps my most successful line of people waiting in the respect that I could hear people talking to each other. Introducing themselves and asking where the other person was from. I think I should put a “Talk To Each Other” rule in all my future line ups! People didn’t mind waiting because they were having good conversations.

edmonton artists
My Uncle at the FCM 2015 in Edmonton