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2 pictures from Staff Christmas Party

Friends with their Caricature
Man with his Caricature
I was invited back a second day to Design Group Staffing Edmonton to draw caricatures of more staff. The organizer said my caricatures were 'a hit' with everyone. I could hear people out in the hallway say,
"Let's see it. Oh, it looks just like you!" I guess it kinda goes without saying that I always like to hear that!

As you can see from these photos, sometimes something as simple as a great hair style makes it a lot of fun for me!

Oh, and one of the guys came back in later and gave me a box of Belgium Chocolates to show appreciation for his caricature! My son thought that was a great thing for me to come home with.

Caricatures by Canadian Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

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