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Caricatures for Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre

Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre had their Staff and Family Christmas Party last night and they invited me to come draw caricatures for the evening! This is a daughter of one of the staff. Such a pretty smile!

I was taken aback (in a good way) when one lady commented to me, "You're so kind. I've noticed that you compliment people a lot." I had just told her that she had such lovely, high cheek bones. And I found it neat that someone had noticed … because I have to be honest and say that I know that I do tend to vocalise the positives in people when they are sitting in front of me getting their caricature done. I mean, people already feel vulnerable having me stare at them, staring at every piece of their face. So if I think that they have pretty eyes or a neat hair cut, I tell them! Most of us are too critical of ourselves to start with, it can't hurt to hear a compliment!

So, I guess that's my point today, go out there and say something nice to someone! They'll feel good and you'll feel good too.

On the topic of going out and saying something nice to someone:

The other day, as I was heading out of our neighbourhood, I stopped to tell a man that I loved the snowman they had in their front yard. I said that it made me smile every time I passed it. He gave me the biggest smile when I told him that. They could have built the snowman so that it faced their front window but instead they faced it out towards the street. Like a little gift to passers by.

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