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Christmas window painting at Hap's Restaurant

Hap's Restaurant on Edmonton's 161 Ave and Stoney Plain road (in West Edmonton) is one of my favourite places to window paint at. The owners, Hap and Mary, pretty much give me free reign on what I paint. Not to mention that Mary usually stays and decorates the restaurant while I paint and we chat about life and our families! She supplies me with bottomless tea, a nice meal and lots of laughs.

Hap's restaurant is a family owned business open during breakfast and lunchtime hours. Go in for some good food and cozy decor!

Hap's Hungry House 16060 Stony Plain Road Edmonton AB T5P 3Z9

Gingerbread cookie - window painting

snowman - window painting

Christmas tree - window painting

Reindeer - window painting

Elf - window painting

Santa - window painting

Gingerbread house - window painting

Christmas Window Painting by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell http://hilaurel.blogspot.com

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