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caricatures at a Playground Building event

I drew caricatures today at a Playground Building event. I was glad to have been able to do caricatures for some of the volunteers.

I drew a couple that I recognized from somewhere and after much head scratching we figured out that we’d met last weekend at a U of A Parent Orientation and actually chatted and had lunch together there! Another lady I talked to remembered me from when I first started drawing caricatures at West Edmonton Mall about 25 years ago! She talked about a caricature I’d done of her aunt who has since passed away and how much her aunt loved the drawing. I commented that I’m sure that I could do a better job now. Her reply was, “Oh I don’t know, she just loved it!”

And of course there are all the new people I met today, including this cute little boy! He was awesome ... he held that smile for me the whole time. And then there were these three young men who are doing mission work doing good deeds where ever they go. Like volunteering to build this playground today. Two of them were from different states in the United States and one was from Mongolia! I’m so glad I was able to give them this little keepsake of the time they’ve spent together doing good things in this world. Safe travels and all the best to you guys!

The project was a project with Foresters KaBOOM. Here is a little information about KaBoom!:
KaBOOM! is a non-profit organization that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child. By partnering with KaBOOM!, Foresters is able to make a direct, positive impact on children and their families by both financially supporting and participating in playground builds.

According to a research study commissioned by Foresters and KaBOOM! and conducted by Harris Interactive in January 2011, time spent at a community playground is valuable to families, with 77% of parents agreeing that spending more time at a playground increases a family’s sense of well-being.

That’s why Foresters have invested more than $7 million dollars with KaBOOM!. Together we have built or planned nearly 100 playgrounds across North America since 2006, which will eventually give more than 2.6 million children and their families a safe, happy place to play.
But Foresters didn’t do it alone.
More than 2500 Foresters members have volunteered at playground builds since 2006 - rolling up their sleeves, mixing concrete, shovelling mulch and assembling play equipment - all in an effort to build wonderful play spaces in just a single day.
I can attest to this. I was so impressed by all the volunteers eager to give their time and energy today to build the playground at Brittany Lane. It was really well organized with water stations, food tents, port-a-potties and even a shuttle bus to bring all the volunteers to the site. 
Here is a little bit about Brittany Lane Housing Co-Operative:

Brittany Lane is a 58 unit non-profit housing co-operative.  They provide safe, attractive, self-governed and community-oriented housing at an affordable cost to their members. The membership includes Canadians from different backgrounds, cultures, family compositions, and income levels.  We are also home to over 90 children.

2012 marks the United Nations International Year of Co-operative(IYC) and Brittany Lane Housing Co-ops 20th Anniversary. Building a much-needed new playground and gathering space together with the help of their members and the community at large is a phenomenal IYC legacy project.

a boy holds up his caricature

a group of international Volunteers
Edmonton Artist

The Obnoxious Optimist #10

Gotta love the crazy ones because they bring a chuckle to our day. Instead of shaking your head and thinking, "What the heck were they thinking?" say, "Thank you very much!"

Case in point: How many people have visited The People of Walmart website? Where would Stacey and Clinton of "What Not to Wear" be without all the wild and wacky people that are out there. Question for you: Have you ever knowingly gone out into the world with a look that could make a few people smirk?!

The Obnoxious Optimist #10
Edmonton Artist

Use a caricature to personalize your business.

Here is a little caricature Glen, co-owner of Old Hippy Fine Home Furniture in St. Albert. He does quality upholstery and has such beautiful furniture in his shop, you'll fall in love with it. I want to have it all!
Look for this caricature in their future newspaper ads in St. Albert. Adding a caricature is a great way to personalize your business.

Wedding Reception Caricatures

As the bride said to me on Saturday night while I drew her caricature, “We thought caricatures were such a great idea because people are giving us things but we wanted to give them something back!” 

Capturing special moments is something alright and as you can see, people of all ages enjoy getting their caricature done. Caricatures at weddings a great addition because not everyone likes to dance or dance the whole time. 

Such interesting people stories I get to find out as I chat with the people sitting in front of me. “I’m the mother of the bride...”, “You know, she just recently found her birth parent recently and she is here meeting the rest of the family for the first time...” People are truly interesting. I should figure out some sort of scientific study to go along with my caricature events. I should approach the government for a grant for this study! Hmmmmmm .... !

Birthday Party Gift Bag Idea!

Are you sick of trying to figure out what to put in gift bags at your child’s birthday party? 

why not Invite me to do caricatures of everyone invited like this couple did.  And at the end don’t hesitate to sit down and get your own caricatures done before I leave, like they did!  

Each person takes home their own caricature to remember the birthday by.  And as I have heard, their family like it A LOT better than a bag full of candy and useless dollar store toys that break!

sit down and get your own caricatures done
Edmonton artist