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Cleaning off some of my Window Paintings

A few clients will have me back to clean off my window painting. This doesn't happen often and let's face it, I'd hate to have to go back to each place that I painted at this past holiday season to clean their windows! Today was a huge cleaning day at Western GMC because not only was I cleaning off Christmas stuff (and they had me paint a lot of that), but 3 promotions were over which I had painted on 5 of their big windows! I think it took me about 9 hours to clean. Needless to say, my I'm one stiff puppy tonight! Here's hoping that I bounce back well and wake up miraculously pain free!

There's something kinda cool in all the globs of paint in my bucket. Makes a girl wanna paint a canvas and do a little bit of splattering! Now to squeeze in a little bit of "Paint-Just-Cause-I-Wanna" time. Wish me luck.

cleaning off my Christmas window painting

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