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Christmas Window Painting Galore at Western GMC

Two days of painting the majority of the windows at Edmonton's Western Buick GMC! Along with the decorations that staff had already put up, the place is now really festive. It matches the amount of snow we now have!

It was an interesting day today because I had to really control myself and focus on painting. I’ve got a tight Christmas window painting schedule so I had to paint when I really wanted to just go play Fangirl and watch SiriusXM have a live broadcast “Hockey Night in Canada”. I got a quick look at Craig Simpson, Dave Lumley, and Jason Strudwick there. At least I got to hear the broadcast as I was painting. It was kinda cool! Too bad it was in the middle of the day so it was hard for people working to get to stop by. I mentioned to my daughter who was there and she said, “Cool! Good thing you dressed up today.” … as I stood there in my paint clothes.

It’s always nice to be asked back to paint at Western GMC.

Christmas Window Painting at Edmonton Western GMC

Santa Window Painting
 Window Painting by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell
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