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Caricatures at Hudson Bay, Southgate Centre for their Gala Event

I went from one caricature event to anther today. My second event was drawing at The Bay, Southgate. I think this was my third or fourth time being asked back to The Bay to draw. It was great to see lots of familiar and friendly faces - the staff. But actually there were a few people who stopped by to say hello: a couple who I’d done big, stand up caricatures for their wedding reception, as well as a chef from the Edmonton Hotel and Convention Center who I’d drawn at one of their events. It truly was nice to see them, that they took the time to stop and say hello.

Some memorable moments from my day of drawing: 

The lady in the sari in one of these photos is just visiting from India and was looking forward to bringing her caricature home with her. I think it’s kinda cool that my caricatures will be in India!

Another lady said, “I can’t believe the lady who was being drawn before me didn’t talk, I can’t stop talking!” (speaking of herself). Too funny! I think she enjoyed herself.

Yet another lady said, “This is something, it’s like you’re looking into me.” She meant it as a compliment. I was pleased that people see the effort I put into trying to capture them.

Another person said that getting a caricature was something on their bucket list. Glad I could help check one item off it!

Putting them on Facebook, framing them, bringing them home to India. No wonder I love this job!

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