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There are some caricatures that make me go, "Oh my!"

I drew at The City of Edmonton Muttart Conservatory  for their Pass Holder Appreciation Night. Sitting in amongst dozens and dozens of poinsettias, I drew people of all ages. 

One little girl about 4 years old said to me, “I don’t want to be drawn together (she didn’t want to be drawn with her friend), I just want to be drawn beautiful.” 

 “I sure can!” I said.

At one point in the evening I was really impressed, I’d noticed that several people who were waiting to get their caricature done where having a great conversation. Then I realized that these people had only just met in line. The friendliest lineup I’ve ever had!

Woman with here caricature - I love this one
Now to talk about this photo … there are some caricatures that make ME go “Oh my!” This was one of them. When you feel you captured the glint in their eyes, their sparkle. And I don’t mean the light in their eyes, I mean the sparkle of who they are. Her mom thought so too. I’m very proud of this caricature. 

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