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Caricatures for Sysco Healthcare & Hospitality Food Expo

Drawing caricatures at Sysco Edmonton today for their Healthcare & Hospitality Food Expo.

I drew along side of my friend and colleague, Gerry Rasmussen. It's always nice to have more than one caricaturist at an event. While setting up we get a chance to chat about life and art. You think we have lots to talk about? You bet! - All caricaturists have a lot of common experiences. Sometimes it may seem like a lonely profession even though we get to connect with all sorts of people on a regular basis, but another caricaturist "gets you"! If we happen to be seated close to each other, we get the added bonus of every once in awhile, getting to check out each other's drawings. The two of us have such different styles so a few people took the time to have both of us draw them. that opportunity doesn't come along too often.

I recognised a few people that I'd drawn last year at another Sysco Edmonton event! There was even a lady that I recognised and she said that I'd drawn her at a birthday party earlier in the year.

I was told that the sales reps often see one of the caricatures up in the client's office from the Sysco Food Show... That's pretty cool in my world!

A Kraft representative shows us her caricature

A woman with this year's Caricature. She got one last year!

A gentleman and I with his caricature

Chef with his Caricature at Sysco Food Show

Woman pleased with her caricature

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell
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