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My Latest Roller Derby Logo Design

My Latest Roller Derby Logo Design

I've done a few roller derby logos over the last few years and here is my latest! 

It's for Sturgeon County Junior Roller Derby Association. I think the skater is pretty cute and fierce!

Why the DO NOT COPY all over it? Well it seems as though some new roller derby clubs have tried to use my art in the past. It's quite frustrating as an artist because this is how I make my living and some people think they can use it without paying for it just because they are able to copy it off the internet. Please respect the effort that I took to do it and respect the fact that SCRDA paid me for it. It is mine and it is theirs. If you'd like me to work on a logo for you, please contact me and I'd love to do something cool for you too!

Jr. Roller Derby Logo by Alberta artist Laurel Hawkswell

Graphic Art by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell
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