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Caricatures at a Wedding

It was a pretty cool wedding reception I drew at recently. It was for the couple who I was lucky enough to be part of the moment he asked her to marry him! He got it all set up with the administration of a farmer's market, to have me there. His plan was to "happen upon" me drawing and talk his girlfriend into sitting down for a caricature. His mom and dad were visiting for the weekend and didn't know that he'd planned it. It was a pretty special moment with several people gathered around watching and a quartet played the wedding march as he went down on one knee.

I was pretty thrilled to be asked to draw caricatures at their wedding reception! As I drew people that night, it was fun telling people the engagement event from my point of view.

Next step, possibly drawing some of their kids that may come along!

Here is a photo of one of the guests at the wedding that I drew. His moustache was awesome and she has such a sweet, pretty face!

Wedding guests with their caricature

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when sending a photo up close and smiling (and up-to-date hair, glasses... I can only draw what I see)