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Caricatures at a Kid's Birthday Party

I recently drew caricatures at a 1st Birthday Party. The theme was “Little Man” and it was all about bow ties and moustaches. It seems as though I was the only one who donned a moustache. A simple task since I also do FACE PAINTING. But I had company with my bow tie. The party was held at Cafe O’Play in Riverbend. I’d never been there before and I’m sure if it had been in business back when my kids were little, I would have been there often! I drew kids and parents while the kids played and the parents visited. Caricatures are a great gift to give out. Parents were pleasantly surprised at being able to bring a caricature home with them.

A girl shows her Caricature gift drawn at a Birthday party

Here is a picture of a sweet little girl at the party. I love her soft, kind facial expression with her smile.

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell
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