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Trying New Things - Even If It's Just a New Marker!

I went hog wild recently and picked up a couple different markers [Faber-Castell PITT artist pens ]to try out for caricatures. I've drawn caricatures with Sharpies for what seems like forever but when I'm drawing on my tablet and not paper, I noticed that I'm the most comfortable with the pencil or paint brush tool. So I thought I'd try paint brush tipped markers. Here's a little doodle with the thinner, more delicate one. I think it will work well at caricature events where the client wants caricatures drawn on smaller sizes of paper than I normally draw on.  It's good to step out of your comfort zone to see if you can do something a little different. That's easier said than done when you always have ongoing work and are in constant need of getting it done. Time to practice, time to try new things, when do you squeeze that in?

Cartoon drawing with new markers

Trying something new

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