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Caricatures at a Tim Horton's Staff Picnic

I had the opportunity to draw caricatures for a Tim Horton's Staff Picnic this past weekend and got to draw my second cousin's granddaughter! I found out that I had drawn her and her mom at a company Christmas party this past December and non of us realised it. 

Of course my beverage was served in a Tim Horton's cup and I heard that there were Tim Bits to enjoy. The classic Canadian Picnic! It was a cold day so once I was done, I stopped in at one of their locations at the top of the hill from Hermitage Park to grab a tea and a few Tim Bits myself …. I hadn't had time to eat, busy drawing of course.

In these examples from the day, I loved how this young guy's hair turned out. You can't see it as much with him facing straight ahead in the photo but he really did have this cool hair! 

And the next photo is of my cousin … would she be a fourth cousin if she's my 2nd cousin's granddaughter? I have no idea how that works. We're family anyway, that's all the detail we need to know. Such a treat to be able to draw her.

young woman with her caricature
boy (with great hair) holds his caricature
Edmonton Artist, Caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell

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