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Caricatures at a Farm Wedding

A good night with lots of great people, drawing caricatures at a wedding reception held on a family farm. I thought it was really cool how they had it under a big tent and the bows on the tent and on the chairs were made of burlap. 

Getting there a bit early, I got to listen to the speeches. Funny how, even though I may not know the people personally, I still enjoy listening to them. It also gives you a chance to kind of know who you'll be drawing for that evening. On this night, the bride's dad made me laugh out loud! 

I got to draw the bride's mom with her siblings, the bride's 93 year old grandpa, a couple celebrating their 40th anniversary that same night, the groom's mom and dad finally made it to my chair as well, just to name a bunch. I liked how the bride's grandpa came by every once in awhile to take a look at what I was drawing and he'd smile. THAT sure was a good feeling for me.

Here are a couple of my favourite drawings. The bride and groom got a chance to sit down at the end of my night. What a good looking couple hey … and nice on top of it! I wish them much love and success in life.

Groom and Bride with their caricature
wedding guests hold their caricature 
Alberta Artist Laurel Hawkswell

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