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Caricature in Mundare, Alberta for Servus Credit Union

I drew caricatures in Mundare, Alberta this past weekend for Servus Credit Union

I had a really nice welcome right off the bat with a nice, young boy about 10 years old willing to help me unload my supplies (tent, chairs, signs, small table, and all my drawing stuff). I truly had a great afternoon drawing lots of freckly kids and some of their parents. 

There are a lot of photos here because I told the kids that I would post their photos on my blog. I can't go back on my word! If I take a photo of someone under 18, I always ask their parents if I can take their photo and that I might put it on my blog as an example of my work. I don't think I've ever had someone say, "No, I rather you didn't." Thank you to everyone over the years who have let me take their photo with their caricature…. it's been my pleasure doing it for you.

A big  THANK-YOU to Mundare Servus Credit Union for having me at this year's big Mundare Days.

Mundare teen with here caricature
boy with his caricature
girl holding here caricature
I like this caricature
Mundare girl holding up her caricature

Edmonton Artistcaricatures by Laurel Hawkswell
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