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Last stop in at Microsoft for Caricatures

I had my last event in at Microsoft for the Christmas season and met a lot of great people. It was the night of gifts from several people of treats from Cookies by George. My son loved it because I brought them home for him since I’ve been too busy to exercise lately that I thought my son could burn off a cookie or two more than I could. It was so sweet of people to drop of a treat for me after I’d drawn their caricature.

 I drew a guy who’s mom I’d drawn at her company’s Christmas party a couple weeks ago! It’s a small world!

 Another lady had seen me drawing caricatures at The Edmonton Valley Zoo but the line up was too long so she was thrilled to be able to get one from me at the Microsoft Store.

 Take a look at this lovely little girl I drew with the colourful headband breads. What a dollie huh!

Friends with caricature  drawn by Edmonton Artist

Edmonton Artist Caricature at WEM

Friends hold their Caricature drawn by Edmonton Artist at Microsoft Store

Guy holds his Caricature drawn by Edmonton Artist

lovely little girl with her Caricature by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

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