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O'Leary Fitness & Leisure Centre signs

I dropped off a bunch of signs for O'Leary Fitness & Leisure Centre today. They have bears as their "mascot". I really like the ideas that O'Leary staff came up with  for these signs. When you tell a person that they need to go no deeper than shoulder deep if they can't swim, they also need to understand that their children's shoulder deep is a lot different! And then there's my  favourite, the giraffe showing how deep their deep pool is. They've said that they get a lot of kids AND some adults standing beside the giraffe and looking up … way up! Brilliant stuff Colleen! And I have to admit that I'm pretty darned proud of how I brought her idea to life. I think the giraffe is cute and I like how the message is presented.
Giraffe sign to demo the Deep-end depth at O'Leary pool 
Deep water sign for the City of Edmonton Leisure Centres

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