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Caricatures for LASIK MD's Company Picnic

What a beautiful day at Rundle Park with the staff from LASIK MD! 

I was a bit goofy because it had been a very cold morning and I didn't look at the weather forecast …

I'd remembered drawing at another event in the summer when it was overcast, windy and really cold. I'd had to pull out my winter coat from my vehicle. SO, thinking I was being really brilliant, I put on my long johns. Look at this first photo … yes, it's sunny! What was I thinking? Luckily I wasn't so hot that I was sweating or anything but it was rather crazy of me to think I needed long johns. They were thin long johns but still … long johns in September. NO, Edmonton is not that cold.

Oh, and I'd put HOT POCKETS in my shoes. 

I managed to have a good time even though I was overdressed.  I think I was the only one wearing glasses too....

Young couple with their caricatures
woman holding her caricature
What a great smile in this caricature
big smiles for these caricatures
Edmonton artist caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell

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