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Caricatures at the The CIM Conference

Doing caricatures at the The Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) Conference at The Shaw Conference Center, was an evening that flew by so quickly.

Here is a photo of a great young guy I talked to who was enjoying the conference.  Not only do I have a great time drawing, but talking with people as I draw them is a real bonus that goes along with the territory!

I think I may comment on “talking with people” a little too often .... but I can’t help it if I’m a people person! AND it makes the time go faster for the person I’m drawing too.  There’s a tip for ya: If you’re new at doing caricatures ...
smile at them and talk to them.  You’ll get a good sense of what kind of person they are so that you can capture their personality in the caricature:  Are they a REALLY happy person?  If they are, then looking for that huge smile to draw is what you go for.  Some people are captured with a smirk or little grin.

Engineer with his caricature
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