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Edmonton's UofA Campus Hudsons window painting

I was back at Hudson’s for a second year, painting shamrocks for their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

I feel like the shamrock expert now! Here’s a close up from the inside to see the brush strokes. The real trick here is to NOT get bored of painting the same thing over and over again! It’s a bit like meditation because you can only go at a certain pace and you don’t have to think too hard because well, once you’ve painted one shamrock you know what you’re doing … but you still need to be on the ball enough to NOT fall off the ladder or stool you’re standing on! AND at the same time, still want to do a quality job, always wanting to be proud of the work you’ve done. And thankfully Hudson’s plays good music! Another added bonus while working. I hate to admit it but its a little bit like torture when I’m working on location and they are playing country music.

 So, to make a long story short, today’s result is … a whole bunch shamrocks for passers by and patrons to enjoy!

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