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Caricatures at the Sysco Food Show

I did caricatures today at Sysco Edmonton's 2012 Food Show at Northlands Edmonton Expo Centre. As always, meeting new people and at times, getting a good chuckle myself with some of the caricatures! In this first picture it's too bad the lighting is dark because you can't see the definition of her hair …. so just look at the caricature and imagine it because it really did look like the drawing! What fun she was! A lot of the photos that I take, like this one, makes me smile long after I've done the drawing. I imagine myself retired and reminiscing, looking at these photos. Oh and this lady's smile was actually a whole lot bigger when I was drawing her and talking to her (kinda like the drawing …. well I might have exaggerated a teeny, tiny bit). 

The second caricature of the young guy was lots of fun too … it was a good hair day for me as you can see! I'd like to send out a big thank you to people who put their necks out there with funky hair, piercings, clothing, facial hair, etc … because it really does add to my world!

Lady Caricature

Fun guy caricature at food show

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