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Caricatures for a good cause

I was drawing caricatures for a good cause last night at one of West Edmonton Mall’s Banquet halls at the ABC Head StartProgram’s fundraising Magic and Masquerade Gala. They organised a really nice evening with a delicious meal, henna tattoos, palm readings, magic tricks, zombie “Thriller” dancers and of course …. me doing caricatures! I really need to make sure I bring my good camera to each event. Darned if this photo isn’t blurry BUT you can still get the basic gist of them and their caricature. The Henna lady and I did a swap at the beginning of the event before we got busy - I did a caricature of her husband and she gave me a shoulder henna tattoo! 

The ABC Head Start Program is currently in it’s 27th year of operation, ABC Head Start has grown steadily in response to community needs. With the help of over 80 volunteers, ABC Head Start has 23 classes in 13 schools throughout Edmonton that provide a preschool program and access to special services such as speech therapy in addition to weekly parent education and support groups. Events such as the Magic and Masquerade Gala helps raise awareness of the valuable work of their organization but is one of the main fundraisers for the program to help provide nutritious daily snacks (sometimes the first meal of the day for these children), early learning supplies, transportation, literacy development supplies and resource information for families in need and to help enrich the lives of those less fortunate who need ABC Head Start to ensure their success in learning and to help break the poverty cycle. Please visit their website at www.abcheadstart.com for more information about the organization.

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