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Preschool Face Painting

I was back for a second year face painting for the Glenora Indoor Playground’s year end party. I posted these photos, not because of the actual painting that I did on this little guy’s arm but because he was just so darned sweet! I always feel that when “face painting” for a wee person it’s better to paint on their arm because they can see it happening instead of a paint brush coming at their face. This sweetie stayed completely still and kept his eyes on the whole process. His mom was one of the organisers so while she was cleaning things up at the end of the party, he came over for me to do his other arm. And again he stayed completely still. There are some kids that just melt your heart when you spend those few minutes painting their face or arm. This little guy was one of those.

A soccer ball because he LOVES balls and the other arm got a puppy.

A thank you to his mom for sending me these photos.

Edmonton Artist
Preschool Face Painting

Edmonton Artist
Preschool body Painting

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

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