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caricatures for a department in ATCO Electric

I just finished doing several caricatures for a department in ATCO Electric. I did individual ones and then put the individuals into a big group caricature. Here’s one of my favourites! Each person had a personal touch added. Here’s a Star Trek fan…

I was at one of Christenson Developments newest building in Sherwood Park for a “Meet Your Neighbour” evening. It was a lively night with lots of conversation, wine and food. As I was leaving, there were still a bunch of new neighbours gathered in the big tent outside enjoying getting to know each other. Here are some of my favourites from the night. It sure looks like Christenson Developments knows what people want, their buildings are gorgeous and they think about the whole experience with great locations. The location on Festival Way in Sherwood Park is close to walking trails, rec and entertainment facilities, stores. Fabulous! But the most important part to me is that they were interested in people meeting each other. I was looking through my photos last night gathering up some caricature examples to show a new client and I was so happy that I take the time to take some photos at each of my events. I spent more time than I should have looking through them thinking, “OH! I remember that one!” etc. Remembering the moment.

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

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