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Caricatures on Canada Day

I face painted, along side my daughter, on Canada Day at the Canadian Forces Base Edmonton. It was a hot day, thankfully we were under at tent so not only didn’t the kids in line appreciate getting their face, leg or arm painted, but they also got to sit in the shade while we painted on them! All the kids were really polite and sat still well for us too and when you’re painting on someone, that really helps.

My favourite of the day was the young girl who wanted her whole face the Canadian flag. Hope she was going out after the CFB Canada Day festivities were over to show off her patriotism!

Here is also a photo of a little cutie who wanted a full face ladybug. I had never actually done a full face ladybug before so I thought it turned out just fine. I also liked the two brothers who wanted the funky design on their arms: one in gold, one in silver.

CFB Edmonton sure puts on a fine event for people out at the base! I didn’t have a chance to walk around since I got there, set up, had just enough time to get this awesome photo of my daughter, Quinlyn, and I in front of their giant Canadian flag …. then paint for 3 hours! Quinlyn thought it was cool when we pulled up to the park and there was a tank “right there!"

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

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