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Drawing Caricatures Video

Check out the video of me drawing 630CHED's Brian Hall incorporated in with some of my on air interview on The Tencer & Grose Show. So great of Kelsey Wingerak to put this video together and put it on 630CHED's website. Kelsey is the Producer of The Tencer & Show.

I did the interview with Dan Tencer & Andrew Grose last week and then went in today and drew sportscaster Brian Hall. I happened to bring my daughter along with me and I introduced them and Brian chatted so positively with her about university (UAlberta) and becoming a teacher. He put her at ease so quickly. He's just that kind of man: so warm hearted and friendly. I like to talk with the person I'm drawing to make them feel more comfortable but there was no need to do that with Brian. He sat
back and talked with us and batta-bing, batta-boom, the drawing was done!

My daughter, Quinlyn, was intrigued by his office. Brian Hall has been in broadcasting for many years so he had lots of cool memorabilia on the walls and on some shelves. Quinlyn being an Eskimo season ticket holder and Brian Hall being the voice of The Eskimos for years, she thought it was pretty cool meeting him!

I'd like to thank the great people at 630CHED for having me in for the interview for their first guest on the segment ""Unique Jobs in Edmonton". Kelsey Wingerak, Dan Tencer, Andrew Grose and Brian Hall, all made my stop in at 630CHED a fantastic experience!

Laurel, Brian Hall and his Caricature

Video of my Caricature Drawing at 630Ched

Dan Tencer Caricature

Andrew Grose Caricature

TencerAndGrose Caricatures

Caricature Thumbs up for Brian Hall

Brian Hall's 630CHED office

Edmonton Artist by Laurel Hawkswell
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