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Artists Do Taxes Too

Some days or weeks I may not post as much as I usually do. Why you ask? Well life does come with certain responsibilities, yes?! There's one big one that I don't really look forward to. That's right ... taxes! Do you agree? What a silly question huh! Now if I was good at all that stuff, I'd be an accountant, not an artist. Luckily, my Mom has always been good at that sort of thing and has been kind enough for years to help me. I cringe to think back on the years when my kids were small ... I'd hand her a big garbage bag full of stuff and she'd sort through it all and have it ready for an accountant to plug in all the numbers. Slowly, very slowly, I've become a little more on the ball. I've even gotten an interest in seeing what I can do throughout the year to make the whole process go fast and smoothly for next year. I'm so darned proud of myself!

Artists Do Taxes Too

Now back to art...!

Graphic Art by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell
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