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drawing at a cozy wedding reception

I had a great time drawing at a cozy wedding reception. Only their closest friends and family, and me invited! It's great that people think of having caricatures at their reception to add even more to their special day. This reception was held at The Yellowhead Brewery, downtown Edmonton. I loved the cozy feel it had. I thought it was perfect. Here are some of my favourite drawings from the day. Sometimes I wish I had my own photographer with me so I could get a photo of each drawing so that I can fondly look back on them when I have a spare minute. And look, even the bride and groom finally had a minute to sit to get theirs done!

Caricatures that Celebrate

I drew today at two events. The first was a fundraiser for Village of Hope Orphans in Africa. The organiser had dancers from several different dance schools in Edmonton, a brunch buffet, silent auction and I did caricatures. The highlight of the morning was doing FaceTime with the village. One of the Edmonton dance groups danced for the kids at the orphanage and then everyone was treated to a couple dances by some of the kids at the orphanage. A pretty darned cool experience. Then I quickly packed up and headed to a big birthday celebration to draw for a few more hours. This young girl was my only set of braces for the day. I love drawing braces. Being able to capture a moment in time when someone is missing some teeth or wearing braces, I find it neat to draw that stage in their life. I guess it's capturing a stage in a person's life with each drawing isn't it.

Caricatures at Fundraiser

I am doing caricatures Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. for Sharon Ryan's Village of Hope Orphans in Africa Fundraiser at The Royal Glenora Club. Please note that caricatures are with a donation to this worthy cause.

Tickets for this event can be purchased at EventFull.

Enjoy a champagne brunch. Expect to be amazed by the talented dance performers from Edmonton School of Ballet and the Victoria School of Performing Arts. There will also be a silent auction consisting of beauty and renovation services & products. The highlight will be a live performance via Skype from Village of Hope Zambia. Share this cultural experience with your children. Be prepared for tears of joy when the African orphans dance for us dressed in their traditional tribal attire.

Wonder Girls Camp logo

Here's a fun logo I did for Aime. I wanted to incorporate the positive feelings all girls should have. Their unique, they are all things they aspire to be! 

Aime does great things for girls. Oh how I love Girl Power and all things positive for girls! Check out Wonder Girls Camp in Calgary!

Wonder Girls Camp logo

Back at Western GMC

Back window painting at Western GMC for their Miles PLUS Event. I painted this in three different areas of the showroom. I may have done the red background a little too dark but I wanted to make sure the white wording showed up. I think I accomplished that. Going into Western GMC to paint definitely has a great comfort level for me after painting so many times for them! It's a nice feeling when I so often am hired to do caricatures, face painting or window painting at different locations for different clients. A bit of normalcy is nice every once in awhile. To know where you're going for the day's job, know where to park, know a lot of the staff, know where the washrooms are, feel comfortable walking into a staff area … it's always nice to be asked back!

Window Painting for Western GMC Edmonton


I was invited to draw at the Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre for their Mother's Day Brunch. The day was a day to draw mothers and that's what I did! These two women are mother and daughter with the daughter being a mother as well. During a quiet moment right near the end, this chef came by. I looked at him and said, "Oh, you have to sit down and let me draw you!" He was so pleased with it … and so was I! 

Chef with his Caricature
Caricatures were not advertised on the Mother's Day Brunch material so it was a very pleasant surprise for moms to be able to walk away with a caricature. I hope to be back next year to draw for them again.
Mothers with their Caricature

A Holiday can Inspire you

I recently took my daughter to New York. A place she's wanted to go for a few years now. I'd been there when I was
19 and I think it's pretty cool that she is the same age when she got to go. Now I have to admit that I was really looking forward to not having to do any work for 9 whole days. And for me, no work means, no artwork. But once an artist always an artist because what was my favourite thing to do in New York besides simply seeing everything that is New York? It was having the privilege to see famous, jaw dropping masterpieces  I found myself overwhelmed with emotion at times wanting to stand in front of each one of them for hours. But of course, time didn't permit that. I mean look at this photo. I was able to see a famous Van Gogh. VAN GOGH! And not just one famous Van Gogh but a few of his mega famous ones: Sunflowers, A Starry Night. Oh my gosh! So what did I walk away with after my days in the museums and art galleries, besides sore feet? Two things. I deep yearning to come back and paint. And an epiphany of sorts: a reassurance that people STILL love and appreciate art. Art that was done by hand, by a painter's brush. Art is alive and well. The Met and MOMA were packed and that's a testament to the draw that art has in this world. I really hope I can find some time to paint, just for the simple joy of painting. Wish me luck with that!

unique buildings and their fire escapes
 My trip to New York was worth it. It was SO worth it!

I also found myself drawn to the unique buildings and their fire escapes. Some of them were truly beautiful and a piece of art too.

jaw dropping masterpieces