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My First Digital Caricature (From a Photo)

Very excited to show you my very first caricature (and coloured caricature at the same time!) using my new Cintiq Companion! It's been a long time coming. This is something I've wanted to be able to do for I don't know how long ... to be able to do a coloured caricature without having to use markers. The downside of using markers: they'd dry out, I was always running to the art store to buy new ones ... but the worst part was that I'd have it almost finished and I'd look and I'd have a marker smudge where I wasn't supposed to have one (marker would get on my hand and rub onto the page).

Of course drawing caricatures on the tablet is new and exciting as well. Drawing an initial sketch on the background layer then choosing the lines decide I want, on the top layer.

So welcome to my new world of digital caricatures! Still all me, all artistic, just crisper, cleaner, with better colour.

My first Digital Caricature

This caricature was done from a photo that was sent to me. I often do caricatures from photos. Sometimes they are just head and shoulder drawings like this one and other times they are full body drawings. I can include as little or as much detail about the person as you'd like. Of course the more detail it is, the more work it is and thus would cost more. People enjoy seeing all the little details about them that you (and I) have captured in the caricature.

Woman Model - Caricature from Photo
Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell
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