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Caricatures at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for World Animal Day

drew a lot of families today at the Edmonton Valley Zoo! The zoo's special event was World Animal Day.   Events were happening all around the world! 

I was in the Learning Lair at the zoo. It's a very small building with doors that slide wide open. It wasn't the warmest day (but not the coldest either) but I had planned on NOT being as cold as I have been in the past in there. I brought our heater from home and had it about 2 feet away from my feet. It was wonderful! As you can imagine, it's not fun trying to draw if you're cold, especially your hands of course. I'm so glad I brought it. Made my day quite enjoyable! 

Here's a nice family I got to draw. Notice the little girl totally enthralled with her mom's phone? She's not the only one who's pulled out her phone to get her child to stay still. It works pretty well but they they tend to not only look down but put their head down too. I guess it kinda works after you've finished drawing their eyes. I drew some pretty adorable kids today!

There was one young couple I drew and I asked them, "What brought you to the zoo today without kids?" and the girl said, "I just really like animals." There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's pretty nice!

nice family, I got to draw their caricature at Edmonton Zoo

Edmonton Artist, Caricatures by Laurel Hawkswell

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