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Abstract Landscape Painting

I recently took a Vern Busby Abstract Landscape Painting Workshop. It was through SWCA ( Society of Western Canadian Artists ) which I am a member of. I took the workshop because I wanted to try different painting styles and basically … learn stuff! My daughter took the workshop with me so it was a great Mother/Daughter day as well.

As you can see from the photos, we started by finding a landscape photo - mine was a photo I took on the uncle’s farm in Southern Saskatchewan. Then we broke the painting down into 3 tones and used collage pieces to glue it down with a mixture of gesso and water. After that we chose a warm and a cool tone of: a light tone, a mid tone and a dark tone. I chose light blue and light yellow. Medium warm green and cool green. Dark green and dark purple. I later added a light yellow that went along with and in the same area as the light yellow. We painted these colours on small pieces of yupo and then once they were dry we pasted them on the board like the white, grey and black collage we’d done. Last step was looking at our coloured collage and painting it.

Edmonton Artists Class
Edmonton Artists Class

Edmonton Artists
Edmonton Artists painting Class

Edmonton Artist
Abstract painting

Caricatures by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

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