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Ther City of Edmonton Colouring & Activity Book artwork

I got a few hard copies of the artwork I'd worked on for The City of Edmonton's Colouring & Activity Book. The main objective was to teach pool safety in a fun way.

Some of the drawings still make me smile after several months of finishing it:

1) The little boy and girl standing proudly with their lifejackets on
2) The three kids in "Always swim with a Buddy" and
3) The two kiddies in "If you can't swim, stay in shallow water."

It's nice to see a big project complete and printed officially.

Colouring and Activity Book cover art

Pool and Water Safety activity book pages
Graphic Art by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Please Note: Artwork owned my myself and The City of Edmonton. NO REPRODUCTION without written consent of both Laurel Hawkswell and The City of Edmonton.
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